Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor


March 24, 2018

Nonna’s Italian Coffee Parlor, Doylestown, Pennsylvania7405EA3C-1661-41D7-9F0C-56B1F1371DC7

Walking into Nonna’s Italian Coffee Parlor in downtown Doylestown, PA we first eyed a showcase of nice looking baked goods.  Then came the gelato showcase and lastly the ice cream. (the “Italian Coffee” did not interest me).    As we stepped up to the counter we were quickly offered an opportunity to try any of the ice cream flavors – an opportunity I would never pass up!  I was informed that the ice cream was made by 4CD575A3-AF1D-4965-BE8A-50139523DCF1Delaware Valley College students (a school my daughter almost went to for food science).   I started with the Death by Mint, which was their version of mint chocolate chip – and EE8EBA4B-7591-4427-8F24-BF84F5E4CBE9it was wonderful, very minty (I have not tasted many mint ice creams that I did not like!).  I then tried creamsicle – a blast from my childhood – this was creamy and tasty.  I then got a scoop of Peanut Butter cup (good texture and taste, but the peanut butter cup pieces should have been smaller) a scoop of Tiramisu (an ice cream 5B212DA6-EB8C-457D-A37F-0F7F183F86FEvariation one of my favorite desserts-  They caught all the essence of tiramisu, including just the right amount of rum flavoing – not over powering, but 2F9D883E-A796-435E-BF1F-DF5F3E66FD04also not a “subtle nuance” – in a creamy, tasty, fozen form).  I loved this ice cream!

There were plenty of tables both inside and outside and the day was just warm 6A26F3FC-F0A2-4F2E-9D7E-36ABC7A0C6FEenough to be comfortable outside.  I do not know who Nonno is (I assume someone’s sweet Italian grandfather, but he has a very nice little shop.

In the area:  First let me say that we love Doylestown, PA.  It has a very nice down town – lots of nice shops that are fun to wander through and scenic houses throughout the town.  We came here once again to visit Fonthill.  We were scheduled to go on a “Behind the Scenes” tour that let us see many of the 44 rooms that we did not see in the original tour.  I loved the narrow spiral staircases and I was intrigued by the whole experience, but most amazing part though was the tour guide’s description of the builder (Henry Mercer).  Was Mercer actually a successful hard working professor and tile entrepreneur or a spoiled rich kid the earlier tour guide presented him as?  I guess there are really three sides to every story.

On the way out here we stopped at Peddler’s Village, a place I have heard of, but never stopped at before.  It was a great experience.  There were plenty of interesting shops and eateries.  We got peanut flavored popcorn, had fun examining every kitchen item we could think of at a kitchen store, saw a lot of nice and reasonable priced clothing.  We ate at the Buttonwood Grill (worth a visit).  We visited a store that made plaques with Coats of Arms and family name histories, and learned that our last name must be very rare – it was not in the book of the million last names to chose from.  Does that make our family better than one in a million?


Baskin Robbins, Florham Park

0CEC8DEA-3DD1-4387-9F37-19F9818373A5March 10,  2018

Baskin Robbins, Florham Park, New Jersey

Open all year

I assume initially Baskin Robbins ice cream was sold at Dunkin’ Donut Shops because stereotypically people purchase donuts in the morning and ice cream in the afternoon – they could customers all day.  I like the avaiability of ice cream for any 2332A5B5-5884-476A-B7C0-B7822B2C5DBBmeal of the day.  I also happen to enjoy their ice cream –  a nice variety of 65902803-8436-420A-A1C7-A0B7ADFAA6A0creative flavors, great taste and textre, available anytime, open all year!

The Florham Park Baskin Robbins has colorful indoor seating, convenient outdoor seating, great lighting and is attracrively decorated.  After we purchased our ice B616A049-9D1A-4250-B276-6BC777985380cream – I had Jamoca Almond Fudge and Don had Chocolate Chip –  we sat down to eat it at the only available  table wiich was semi-attached to a table with four women sitting at it.  We heard more petty gossip than I have been treated to for quite a while.  “Audry” (the name was changed to protect the innocent or guilty, whichever is the case) obviously has done lots to get these women pissed off – she did not play nice at the PTA functions, her kids did not play nice with their kids.  But do not worry, one of these women was friends with 4C90FA34-9966-4320-B3E0-7D6150CD0821Audry, so she was assigned to be the official spy – I want to meet Audry.

Why we were here:  Two comments about our experience today:  (1)  The day started with the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Morristown, NJ – Awesome parade as always – great crowd watching, great 851ACEE1-1262-42EE-8CB9-EE91F1D8E203organization by the folks who run it, great group of people who I march with (Colonial Musketeers – I love youe all!).  (2)  After the parade, we travelled south for lunch.   I could not believe the amount of damage that a recent snow storm (with lots of wind) did to this area.  We got a lot more snow than these people (makes me happy – I am one of those weird people that loves snow!) but a lot less damaging winds.  Here trees were down everywhere, many roads were still closed and some people were still without power.  Amazing how powerful wind can be!

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream and Crepes

February 20,  201835CBD83E-123A-421A-BDB0-FAD2994241A4

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream and Crepes (inside Gogi Grill), Hoboken. New Jersey

open all year

We found Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream and Crepes by chance while wandering around Hoboken, looking for a place to eat dinner.  We saw the sign – two places in one.  We ate a dinner at Gogi Grill (Korean food – excellent) and followed it up with ice cream.  I initially assumed that “Angel” referred to the guy who made the flavors or opened the place, but they are indicating a more divine A2B0C12E-6425-45D7-903B-45E698EF6533source (heaven sent).

Angel’s Recipe makes Thai style ice cream rolls while you watch with your choice of ingredients,  I assume Thai style ice cream means the roll up process.  I ordered a “Mr. Peanut” with coffee ice cream.  They took liquid coffee ice cream, and placed it on 3CADFA1A-8160-4E4D-AA38-2E679A15755Ca frozen board, with  mix-ins that they chopped on the board (Resses Peanut Butter Cup and peanuts).  Using spatulas they swirled the mixture on a frozen pan – as it was swirled, it froze, and the spatulas 0E7A4506-D5CD-4A54-936C-F73B4EE41D1Dwere used to form several rolls which were placed into a cup, additional toppings were added and it was served.  There were several creative combinaitons to order from, or you could create your own,  Renee ordered S’mores with toasted marshmallow.  The man rolling the ice cream  seemed to be having a lot of fun  I know we had fun watchimg him and then eating his creations.  Next time you are in Hoboken, add this place to your itenary!

My reflections for the day:  Well I have had an on-again, off-again relationship with Hoboken.  In the 1980s I started my Master’s degree at Stevens Institute of Technology, but I took a break from school when I became a mom.  Fast forward time, and my second daughter decided to attend Stevens Institute – I became reaquainted with Hoboken.  A few years after she finished her degree, I found myself in Hoboken once more to finish my Master’s degree – took 30 years, but I finally finished it!  I thought this would be the end of my association with Hoboken, until my oldest D5035345-28C0-4000-B5CC-A3889F705749daughter moved there.  Once again I found myself visiting Hoboken often.  Tonight she is moving to Boston for a new job.  This time I feel fairly certain that my association with Hoboken is over, except for possibly an occassional Path train.  I have seen tremendous changes in this city over the last 35 years.  It has grown into a beautiful, sophisticated city, one that I might like to live in, but I am not a city girl.  I need my walks in the woods a couple of days a week.  But I will miss visiting Hoboken!

Family Farm Ice Cream

March 3, 2018

Family Farm Ice Cream, Middletown, New York

Open all year

We found a hidden source of ice cream in Middletown, New York – Family Farm Ice Cream.  It is off the beaten track, but not real far from all the shopping Middletown has to offer (too bad 63A4E1B0-BF7C-4E00-A67B-CB9599EA59FBNY charges tax on clothes).  Family Farm is nicely decorated with photographs, posters and memorabilia on walls including an autographed poster from a race car driver.  I am not sure who these 173992C7-5020-493A-943F-583884B69FA4people in the photos are, but I am sure if you lived in the area, they would be very fun to look at.  There were Connect Four games on all the tables (I won 3 games today).  Outside there was plenty of seating and a 54C18ACB-9858-420B-AABF-A0B3C1188E50cow statue that should add a festive atmosphere in the warmer weather.

When we walked, the friendly server asked us if we wanted to try any ice cream or frozen yogurt flavors – they served Perry’s and Hershey’s Ice Cream as well as soft serve.  She especially liked their Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt and Cappachino Crunch ice cream – I had fun sampling both!  There were many creative and interesting sundaes including E. T., Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Monster – three of my favorite charactors. (Although my love for Cookie Monster is becoming questionable -Did Sesame Street really start making Cookie Monster eat a healthy diet? – poor fellow).  They even had very large sundaes such as the Two Spoon Sundae (a banana split to share).  I went with the plain and simple today – a soft vanilla dish with Reeses Pieces.  Just what I needed to tide me over until lunch!

In the area:  Today was my nieces bridal shower – I wish Courtney and Jay a lifetime of happiness – I am so happy they found each other.  I had fun putting together a “just add cheese” basket for them.  It had everything they needed for a great wine and cheese party, except the cheese.  Jay had to open the wine because Courtney was not quite old enough!


Friendly’s, Bloomfield, NJ

A5256EF9-5824-45B7-BEC4-9086D656BC0CJanuary 28, 2018

Friendly’s Restaurant, Bloomfield, NJ

Friendly’s Restaurants have long been known for thieir ice cream sundaes and tasty food.  Today we visited Friendly’s in Bloomfield, New Jersey which was clean, bright and friendly (they earned the “Friendly’s” name).  This evening it was on the quiet side.  I was pleased to try their seasonal treat, Cherry Magnolia Sundae – Cherry Chocolate Chunk ice cream with brownie pieces, hot fudge, chocolate chips, whipped cream and a cherry.  This was an delectable sundae – the flavors mixed perfectly, and I really enjoyed the experience!D456AA0D-D2A5-4CF3-84E5-9101C58273039DF1A771-4F0D-4DBD-9831-3F544F72D5F06968AE17-20DE-4F25-95B5-1D2DD3016C72E7852654-C09E-4913-87EA-6F596604E6EE

Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor

Feb. 24, 2018E0C2EA2E-DC2F-4E46-9DD7-BECBFCA7107B

Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor, Hammondsport, New York

Open all year

We stopped into Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor in Hammondsport, New York on a nice Saturday morning in February.   Hammondsport prides its self  as “America’s Coolest Small Town” – and they are not referring to the weather (although in upstate NY you can never be sure, and to be honest we were very FFEFEA6E-F5B0-405E-AF68-6B4766A10601disappointed with the lack of snow – we had hoped to get some snow-shoeing in).  Crooked Lake refers to Keuka Lake, a Y shaped Finger Lake – apparently Y shaped lakes are quite uncommon around the world.

Anyway, back to the Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor When we walked in, we saw an ice cream counter and plenty of small tables, many 6D75FEC2-57C2-4A9A-AE55-0C0208276D12occupied by other patrons.  We sat down at the counter and the server asked us if we were here for breakfast or lunch, to which we replied ‘ice cream’.   She seemed rather surprised, but I cannot think of a healthier breakfast or lunch than an ice cream sundae.  They had several flavors of Gifford’s ice cream  and I chose a turtle sundae with Camp Coffee and Muddy Boots
ice cream.  Turtle sundaes come with pecans which I know increases the nutritional value.  Don had  a create your own sundae with peanut butter sauce and peanut butter cups.  The sundaes were attractive, well presented and tasty – amazingly fresh ice cream  for this time of year. 2AD5722B-AA24-423A-B82D-4BBEB7B8DFC2 The staff was very friendly – they told us about Hammondsport and we learned that we chose a bad 07D007EF-C230-4BC2-9FEF-ADF7C50D6361weekend to visit – there were two big events in town, both of which were sold out – the place would be really crowded for events we could not participate in.  At least we totally enjoyed our visit to Crooked Lake Ice scream!  Next year we will make sure to get tickets for Sip and Stroll early – a chance to sample wines from several local wineries while strolling around town.

in the area:  after a hike to the Finger Lakes Trail, we visited the Finger Lakes Boat Museum – A small, but interesting museum portraying  the history of boating on the

Finger Lakes, featuring local boat makers,  oar styles, knot types and lots more.

We followed this with a visit the the Great Western Winery– the oldest bonded winery in the United States .  I cannot figure out why bonding matters for a winery, or why anyone cares.  The winery was founded in 1850 and has been in business

ever since.  After tasting ten types of wine, We bought several bottles, including a couple of desert ones to use as ice cream toppings  at home.  I was interested in the 9 liter bottle of champagne, but I was afraid to even ask how much it cost.  I guess that requires a REALLY special event.

Dairy Queen, Mahwah

December 3, 2017

Dairy Queen, Mahwah, New Jersey

Open all year

Well, the Christmas season is upon us, which can sometimes be problematic for an F10151B9-C3F9-4F00-BF59-8662697196227B93A850-A499-4DE0-A029-4E40649E1155ice cream blogger.  I always feel happy when I actually find an ice cream place open in December, so the Mahwah Dairy Queen was such a pleasure to visit.  It was bright,9E964242-5CC4-4612-A865-ED996D5D30AA attractively C090670E-0749-4840-A6F8-E1E770AA6821decorated and had both “hot eats” and “cool treats”.  The cool treats 42F15B7D-1715-4E86-B6CF-A88E40610E76were amazing – hard ice cream (Kemps and Hoods), soft ice cream and all the Blizzards and other awesome Dairy Queen signature treats.  There was a line of “Desserts a la Mode” which included Fudge Stuffed Cookie, Triple Chocolate Brownie and Apple Tart – all a la mode of course (I’d like one of each).  I had a pineapple sundae with soft vanilla ice cream which was delicious.  Don went with the hot eats and had chicken strips.  There were plenty of indoor tables to sit at and enjoy food.

In the area:

Today we went to the Ringwood Manor for their annual Victorian Christmas in which the beautifully decorated manor was open for visitors to walk through.  The grounds provided the background for an enjoyable December walk.