I have always enjoyed ice cream!  I started this as a silly project to see how many ice cream parlors I could reach in one year.  I discovered very quickly that each ice cream parlor is unique and interesting.   Many are a reflection of the town in which they are located – in these places  it always try the house special flavor.  I learned more about towns and the people in them than I ever imagined.  I met some of the most interesting people, had fun and got to eat some of the best ice cream ever.

A little about me – I live in Sussex County NJ with my husband Don.  We have four grown daughters, three live in NJ, one in Germany.  Since we are empty nesters, we love to spend weekends exploring new areas.  Because this may be include hiking, bike riding, kayaking, snow-shoeing or numerous other activities, it brings us to many locations, some urban, must not-so-urban.  We love to enjoy ice cream in them all!


10 thoughts on “About

      1. I wondered if you guys are aware that Mr. Cone passed away recently 😦 All of Monrow is very very sad. I dont believe Mr. Cone is reopening.


  1. I love this blog, Colleen. I grew up in Monroe, NY, too, and am living in Milford, PA. No trip home is complete without a stop at Mr. Cone — you should include it as part of this journey!


      1. The 3 Bears is Wally’s now, and is across from Burger King on 17M. It’s very good, but my hear belongs to Mr. Cone 😉


  2. Gelato on Union Blvd on the Totowa /Paterson border (very very safe area) off Rt. 46. AMAZING ice cream and Gelato. A must try. Love that I found your blog.


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