Sweet Pea

March 25, 2017

Sweet Pea, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

open all year

Ice cream is not just for dinner anymore!

We came to Doylestown Pennsylvania today to visit Fonthill and the associated tile factory and museum.  It was as fascinating day – a castle built by an amateur who inherited a LOT of money from a rich aunt (do we all wish for that recently dead rich aunt?).  He then built a tile factory and museum with the rest of the money.  We did not figure out if he ever actually made money with his tile company, but when you have that much money, it doesn’t matter,  I wonder how his aunt got that rich.  Anyway, this is an ice cream blog so …according to Facebook (the authority on important things), people who eat ice cream for breakfast are smarter than people who do not.  I must be very smart.  We wanted to improve our brain power before starting our castle-ing, so we were quite happy when we found an ice cream shop opened early.  Doylestown is my kind of place!

Any ice cream shop that opens at 9:00 AM cannot be bad – score one for Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is a duel function shop – ice cream and pretzels – We of course jumped right up and ordered our ice cream, – given the choice, pretzels would never win with me, but I enjoyed listening to the the customer after us explaining to her kids that it was to early to eat ice cream – the kids seemed a bit confused watching us eatingour ice cream.   oh well, moms will be moms.  Sweet Pea had a variety of homemade ice cream flavors, I got Espresso Crunch and Bottom of the Cookie Jar (recommended by the barista).     Excellent choices – creamy texture and great flavor.  The shop was attractive and friendly.  We sat at a table inside to eat, but Doylestown is the kind of town that would be fun to mosey while eating delicious ice cream.