Super Scoops

May 17, 2016

Super Scoops, Parsippany, New  Jersey

Today I once again go ice- creaming with my friends Pat and Mary Lou.  Brenda Hubert thinks our gang needs a name – Don suggested “The Scoops Gang”.   I am looking something more intriguing …

Super Scoops in Parsippany has a variety of quite tasty homemade ice creams and beautiful ice cream cakes.  I went with the  fruit theme – black raspberry ice cream with strawberry topping. Mary Lou had soft twist and I have no idea what Pat had. This ice cream was really good!  I am just trying to figure out why mine always looks the biggest.  It appears that Mary Lou could not stop eating hers long enough for us to snap a photo!



Miller’s Bakery and Cafe

May 21, 2016

Miller’s Bakery and Cafe. Tenafly, New Jersey

Today we tried “hiking” on a trail near the State Line Lookout in Alpine, New Jersey.  The hike ended up to be about a two hour rock scramble that I was not so sure we would make it back alive (but we did).  I needed ice cream to recover from the traumatic experience.

Miller’s Bakery and Cafe in Tenafly, New Jersey has beautiful looking baked goods in the front of the store.  The cakes looked fabulous (next blog I do might have to be cupcakes) but my favorite part of the store was the pictures on the wall –   The were colored pencil drawings from Dumont High School students.  I was particularly captivated by the drawings made using the topic of loyalty – the talent and insight was amazing!    The ice cream counter was toward the back of the shop.  I had  Cinnamon Swirl ice cream.


Cliff’s Ice Cream

imageMay 15, 2016

Cliff’s Ice Cream, Ledgewood, New Jersey

After a day walking mountain bike trails behind my daughter and son-in-laws house, we needed refreshment!

Cliff’s Ice Cream in Ledgewood, New Jersey seems to be the best known ice cream in the area and for a reason – they have great ice cream, large portion sizes, an unbeatable selection and are open all year  – even on the coldest days (this is important to ice cream fanatics like me!).  They had seasonal ice cream flavors like huckelberry buckle and soft peppermint.  I had to try the soft peppermint – which was great.  This place is worth a visit!

The Dairy O

imageMay 14, 2016

The Dairy O, Westtown, NY

I grew up in Orange County,  New Youk -Monroe to be exact in what  is now the Village of Kiryas Joel (I am not Jewish) .  While I cannot say I miss it, I do feel a certain fascination with how things have changed over the years – and I was brought up-to-date by a couple we met in The Dairy O today.

The Dairy O in Westtown, New York is a charming ice cream parlor that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere (probably because it is).  Westtown feels like the town time forgot (probably because it is).  We totally enjoyed our experience here. In addition to ice cream, they had local items and desserts available ( ice cream is not a dessert, it is a food group). It was friendly, the ice cream was home made and excellent and there were some interesting flavors to chose from.  I had Confetti Cake ice cream with chocolate sauce and pineapples on top.  This strange combination was suggested to me by another patron, and it was quite good. The Dairy O is worth a visit!  You might even glean information about your home town.

Hackettestown Dairy Queen

imageMay 13, 2016

Dairy Queen, Hackettstown, NJ

What better way is there to end a great fife and drum practice than a trip to a brewery?  – what goes together better than fife and drum and beer?  fife and drum, beer and ice cream of course!  We practiced hard tonight for our upcoming parades, and decided to follow it up at Larry’s favorite brewery (Man Skirt) with my favorite treat.  Karen and I went to get the ice cream while Larry went to Man Skirt and downed his first beer.

Hackettestown Dairy Queen has a great variety of ice cream and food.  It has the tasty ice cream that has made the chain famous.  It is situated on a creek with tables to sit at to enjoy the scenery or skip rocks while you devour your ice cream.  I got pumpkin ice cream, which seemed out of season, but it was actually quite good.  Karen went with soft chocolate and sprinkles, and Larry got chocolate (which I consider far more boring than vanilla!).  We took our ice cream, left he babbling  brook, and headed for the brewery and finish our delicious treats.


Alice’s Pantry

May 8, 2016

Alice’s Pantry, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

How many towns out there are named for Olympic athletes?  I do not know.  How many towns are named for Olympic athletes/fooimagetball players who maybe never stepped foot in your town?  I do not know that either, but Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania is one.  For such a small and scenic town, it has
a fascinating history of both how it got its name, and of the Molly Mcguires – prisioners who were hanged there for murder.  If you get a chance, stop by Jim Thorpe, visit the historic jail, take a scenic train ride and enjoy ice cream.

Alice’s Cafe and Creamery is cozy shop in Jim Thorpe.  There are a variety of homemade hard ice cream flavors
, many of which I never heard of before.  I was going to get Shoo-fly pie ice cream, because it was recommended by the customer in front of me (am I turning into my mother-in-law?).  What was I thinking?  only Pennsylvania people like shoo-fly pie – indeed, only Pennsylvania people even know what shoo-fly pie is.  After sampling it at the ice-cream-scooper-guy’s suggestion,  I decided to get Summer in Maine ice cream instead.  This was lemon ice cream with blueberries.  I know how blueberries fit into the Maine theme, but I am not sure how many lemons grow there.  Anyway, the ice cream was good and nicely presented, the ice-cream scooper guy delightful, and the shop a nice place to hang out in.  I recommend you visit this place for some great ice cream.  oh – and only get the shoo-fly pie ice cream if you are from Pennsylvania.





Woods Ice Cream

imageMay 7, 2016

Woods Ice Cream, White Haven, Pennsylvania

Over the years I have heard a lot about the Lehigh Gorge rail trail in Pennsylvania.  I heard that you could get a shuttle to the top of the trail and ride down and that it was an easy ride and really scenic.  We decided to try it.  It was a really beautiful trail, but my visions of riding along the river, sitting on my bike applying the brakes once in a while was not how it actually went.  We peddled for the entire 36 miles. – and enjoyed the whole trip – but were pretty tired by the end!  I was glad that there was an ice cream shop along the way to refuel.

Woods Ice Cream in White Haven, Pennsylvania is basically an ice cream window.  It offered lots of flavors of hard and soft ice cream, but their soft ice cream seemed to be their signature item.  I got a peanut butter sundae – and this was so large that even I had a challenge finishing it!  It was yummy.