Friendly’s Ice Cream, Windsor Locks

November 12, 2016

Friendly’s Ice Cream, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

open all year

WC Fields once said “Never work with animals or children”.   The Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts demonstrated the animal part of that.  Many of the horses seemed to have read the book on proper equine behavior but others were  openly defiant and stubborn – making us remember that they are beautiful animals with minds of their own – and keeping us entertained.   Weimg_0891 stayed the night in Windsor Locks, Connecticut – the home of Bradley Airport and a very nice Friendly’s Restaurant.

Friendly’s Restaurant and Ice Cream in Windsor Locks, Connecticut is like most Friendly’s restaurants but nicer, with very comfortable booths and amiable and efficient servers.  Our waitress “J” knew the importance of ice cream – she made our sundaes for us so they would be perfect!  – and she succeeded at the task- it was the best Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Sundae that I have had in years – it was really worth the calories!  I wonder  if J willing to move to NJ?


MT Tom’s Ice Cream

November 12, 2016

Mt Tom’s Ice Cream, Easthampton, Mass

open all yearIMG_0890.JPG

Mount Tom Reservation in Holyoke Massachusetts  is an amazing place – dinosaur footprints (from which they concluded that dinosaurs were not solitary creatures.  How I do not know) and an abandoned, defunct amusement park – the rides long gone, but the buildings and lay of the land still there. Really cool!  We had to follow up an amazing day with amazing ice cream!

Mt Tom’s Ice Cream is an  old fashioned  ice cream parlor with bar stools,  “penny ” candy jars, a great selection of beverages, friendly service and most importantly a great variety of homemade ice cream.  I had Teaberry and Amaretto Chip both of which were creamy with a fantastic flavor, especially the Teaberry -a flavor I have not had before. If you want toppings for you ice cream, the choices are nearly endless and include 170 different types of candy.  We totally enjoyed our visit!

Stewart’s Shops, Kingston, New York

November 19, 2016

Stewart’s Shops , Kingston, New York

open all year

The Riverport Wooden School at the Hudson River Maritime Museum offers weekend classes in various wood working projects.  We went to toboggan making class.  The class consisted of six men knowledgeable in wood working and me, but I learned and experienced various techniques and had fun.  Starving from all our hard work, the evening had to include ice cream.IMG_0909.JPG

Upstate New Yorker’s  love Stewart’s Shops – Kingston has three of them.  They are great convenience stores – you can get milk, groceries and fixes for all of your vices at the same time – beer , night crawlers and cigarettes, and ice cream –  their specialty is ice cream!  Walking in the first thing I saw was the ice cream counter – this was my kind of place!  There were many options available including lots of flavors and make-your-own-sundae with plenty of great looking toppings.  I opted for two of their seasonal specials – Peanut Butter Pandemonium and Philly’s Apple Pie. ( Do Philly’s have different apple pies than the rest of the world?)  Seating was in informal booths –  I got to share my bench with bundles of newspapers, (I could not tell if they were today’s left overs or tomorrow’s previews).   The help was friendly and Stewart’s great selection of  ice cream was also available in half gallon containers (or 3/8 gallon or whatever half gallons were replaced with – approaching single serve for me).  I am glad and relieved to know that just about anywhere I go in upstate New York, Stewart’s has a local source for my vice – ice cream!


Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream

October 30, 2016

Emack and Bolio’s, Millburn, NJ

We visited Millburn NJ to check out some hiking trails we found on-line.  The trails were  too crowded for out liking -but it it great to see how much these trails are used.    We then ventured into the town which was quite nice, with quaint shops, restaurants and a great ice cream parlor.

The name “Emack and Bolio’s” made me curious, so I asked where it came from.   I am not sure that I got this story right, but it goes something like this:  there was a night club in Boston that ran into a problem, so they decided to sell ice cream instead of liquor 9my kind of place!).  Then there was something about homeless people at the night club.  Emack and  Bolio were either homeless people who frequented the club or the lawyers who defended them.  Anyway, the important thing is that the ice cream this night club made was good – very good.  Now it shipped out of  Boston to Millburn, New Jersey for everyone to enjoy, which we did indeed.  I am not sure if the night club is still in Boston, but the ice cream is still made there.

Emack and Bolio’s in Millburn, New Jersey is a cute, colorful shop which sells both an attractive selection  of chocolates and ice cream.  It has bar stools in front of the ice cream counter.  There was quite an interesting selection of ice cream flavors, so I asked the barista for her suggestions.  She recommended Deep Purple Chip (black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips and Grasshopper Pie (cream de mint ice cream with chocolate chips and Oreos).  This lady knows how to pick out great flavors of ice cream -both were excellent.