Avalon Freeze

August 16, 2016

Avalon Freeze, Avalon, New Jersey


Another hot day, another nice bike tide to a new ice cream place.

Okay, let me be honest here, my opinion of Avalon Freeze in Avalon, New Jersey is very clouded because when we paid for our ice cream, we requested cups of tap water to refill our water bottles.  We got a stupid story about how they do not give out tap water because it is not drinkable because it is not filtered.  (Are they washing their hands in toxic tap water??).  My daughter who is s civil engineer had assured me that unfiltered tap water is still safe to drink – She checked the most recent reports of Muddlesex Water Company – and Avslon’s water was within legal limits on everything – amazing!  Do you think it is possible that they refused to give us tap water so that could sell us overpriced bottled water???

Abalon Freeze image.jpegis an ice cream stand that has soft ice cream, sundaes and sly shies.  I got vanilla ice cream with chocolate shell.  It was melting so fast that I was disappointed to find the napkin dispenser was empty.  This place is NOT worth a visit.


The Dairy at Lake Hiawatha

August 7, 2016

The Dairy at Lake Hiawatha

Open all yrar

Today we went on a Meet-Up hike at Pyramid Mountain in Boonton, New Jersey. It was a nice place to hike and a delightful group of people.  We decided to grab some ice cream before continuing on with our day.

The Dairy at Like Hiawatha (or is it the  Lake Hiawatha Dairy? Is the Facebook page wrong or the sign on their store?   I think it may be undergoing an identy crisis!)  was a friendly place with great ice cream.  The shop was attractuve and offered everything an ice cream shop should (cakes, sundaes, ice cream) with seating both indoors or outdoors.   I chose two of their homemade ice cream varieties – Mother Earth and Chocolate Dipped Banana. The Mother Earth was blue and green with chocolate pieces – I presume representing land, water and dirt – I just know I really liked both the flavor and the texture.  The chocolate Dipped Banana was quite tasty as well.  I splurged with chocolate  dipped waffle cone with sprinkles (definately worth the calories).  This place
is worth a visit!


The Ice Cream Stand

July 31, 2016

The Ice Cream Stand, Cuddebackville, New York


Today we planned to check out the D & H Canal, but as we approached, a thunder storm approached at the same time.  We decided that  it might to be safer to just have ice cream.

We chose The Ice Cream Stand in Cuddlebackville, New York (where did this town name come from ? –  was there a famous Cuddeback that lived there? ). This stand was attached to a pizzeria that was available for seating,  which we used due to the thunder storm.  TheIce Cream Stand offered numerous flavors of Welsh Farms ice cream, and several interesting types of sundaes.  I had a fluffanutter sundae (vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, marshmallow sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.  It made me want to sing  ‘ …your bread with peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and have a fluffanutter”.  I just cannot remember how the jungle started.  Erica had a Dirt Sundae which also looked good.

Riverside Creamery

imageAugust 6, 2016

Riverside Creamery, Port Jervis, New York


Today we took a trip to Port Jervis to walk part of the Delaware River Heritage Trail and see the view from the Elks Brox Memorial Park park.  The heritage trail was difficult to follow in spots – a map of the pathway would have helped!  The Elks Brox Park had an amazing view – I would like to get back there for some hiking.  We had to follow up our excursion with ice cream.

The Riverside Creamery offered everything from full meals to munchies to numerous desert choices.  We just got ice cream.  Their specialty was fried ice cream – I am not sure why anyone would want to deep fry ice cream (unless they were severely  underweight) –  ice cream is so good on its own.  I got a Reese’s Pieces Sundae (why do I think it is okay to top ice cream with all sorts of things, but not deep fry it?), which was good.  The shop offered plenty of indoor seating  with waitress service and plenty of nice picnic tables outside over looking the Delaware River – we saw lots of kayaks float by -it would have been fun to join them!

Panda’s Parlor


July 30, 2016

Panda’s Parlor, Liberty, New York


Girls weekend!

My first question:  What do pandas have to do with ice cream?  My second question:   Are customers allowed to sit in the big comfy life guard chair with the panda?  I  do not have an answer to either one, and since we visited on such a rainy day i did not want to sit in that comfy-looking chair anyway.  Panda’s Parlor in Liberty, New York was a nice place to visit.  The sold both hot and cold food including sandwiches and munchies,  More importantly, they had hard (Hershey’s and Perry’s) and soft ice cream,  beautiful ice cream cakes and novelties.   I had cannoli ice cream (mascarpone flavored ice cream, cannoli shell pieces and chocolate chips) – a flavor I  have not tried before – .  it was quite good!.  There was plenty of indoor seating with large windows that made it bright (despite the rain) and pleasant.