Taylor’s Ice Cream

Feb. 28, 2016

Chester, New Jersey is a great little town!  It has delightful shops – you can get everything from custom made jewelry to furniture and even psychic readings.  What brought us to
Chester today was hiking along the Black River followed by lunch at the Publick House with our daughter and son-
in-law, walking around shops (I did not get my palm read so I know not what my future holds), and eating ice cream.

Taylor’s Ice Cream in Chester New Jersey has been around a while.  When my kids were little, they played for the Chester Apple
Festival each October.  The entire corps then went to Taylor’s.  Each kid in the corps could get whatever they wanted, but had to eat what they got.  The size of the sundae’s some kids left with were huge, but they always finished them!  The memories still make me laugh.  Today I got a scoop of Playdough ice cream, and a  scoop of Cappachino Blast.  Playdough was really sweet sugar cookie dough ice cream.  It was designed for kids (and immature adults like me).  It was really tasty, and it was fun to be in a parlor that brought back such great memories!



Dairy Swirl


 Feb. 27, 2016

A couple of my co-workers live in the Vernon area.  They have been encouraging me to give Dairy Swirl a whirl .  We were out running errands today, so I decided to take their advice and I was glad I did!

Dairy Swirl in Vernon NJ is a full service ice cream shop.  They had plenty of hard ice cream flavors, soft ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches and plenty of ice cream novelties to choose from.  I chose the soft vanilla with plenty of chopped peanuts to top it off.  I know, I know vanilla is really dull for me, bu soft vanilla at Dairy Swirl, that is a different story. It was delightful.  I will have to try their hard ice cream next time!

Chill Yogurt

Feb, 25, 2016

  On Thursday nights, I teach a class.  I often have limited time between work and school, and I need to eat dinner during that time.  I was happy to find this ice cream shop – it is on my way, so I can run in, get a treat and still get to school on time.

    Do not let the name fool you – Chill Yogurt in Randolph, NJ has plenty of ice cream to choose from.  They have both soft ice cream that you can put your own toppings on, and traditional hard ice cream service.  I went for the hard ice cream – a scoop of Raspberry Truffle and a scoop of Morris County Mud.  This ice cream was really good, the worker was delightful and the shop is very attractive.  I could see this becoming a weekly stop!

    Rose’s Pizza and Ice Cream


    Feb. 21, 2016

    Today I went to see ‘Spring Awakening’ performed at the Livingston Theater at Rutgers University.  It was my first time back there since my daughter graduated last May.  The  show was well done, and particularly enjoyable because Erica’s friend Jen joined us!  We needed ice cream to celebrate Jen’s recent acceptance into graduate school.

    Rose’s Pizza and Ice Cream is  located near the Livingston campus.  It’s main business tonight was pizza and sandwiches, but we were not the only ones there for ice cream – the customer behind us, who took our picture was also there for ice cream.   This place had some weird flavors of ice cream – I had coffee cookies and cream and pan masala.  I loved the coffee, but I will have to eat another dish to decide if I liked the pan    masala!

    Homers Restaurant

       February 17, 2016

    Homers Restaurant, Sparta, NJ  –  I have been in.Homers previously  – once for a bridal shower  – for my friend’s daughter, and once for a book group discussion – we discussed Empire Falls by Richard Russo.  In both these cases I enjoyed the food, but I did not get to see what they had offer in terms of its ce cream!

    Walking into Homers, the first thing  I saw was the ice cream parlor counter.    The green light fixtures add a nice ambiance to the place . I choose coffee and peanut butter ripple ice creams with caramel sauce.   And – get this – I get t four cherries on top!

    Carvel, Middletown NY

    12697068_10208611930356265_4193922944761681513_oFebruary 13, 2016 Carvel, Middletown NY – One thing I have been blessed with is lots of brothers, and with them. great sisters-in-laws and awesome nieces and nephews.  That is what brought me to Middletown NY today.  I was visiting with my brother when my niece arrived with her friend S.    S. had to leave shortly thereafter to go to work – and she worked at Carvel.  That was all the invitation I needed!

    Carvel is an ice cream shop name I remember from when I was a kid – their ice cream is still great!  The place was bright and colorful with comfortable seating.  What made it more fun (in addition to getting served by S:).) was that their high-tech ice cream dispenser allowed me to try 9 soft ice cream flavors in one cup!   And get this – I liked all 9 flavors!

    Cones By Design, Stanhope, NJ

    F12728819_10208605883925108_7788038439148570948_neb. 12, 2016

    Cones By Design, Stanhope, NJ  – On Friday evenings, I go to fife practice.  There are numerous ways that I can get there, and I mix it up – the path I took tonight led me to an unexpected treat – an ice cream shop that I had never been to before!  This was a  chilly night – which felt particularly cold because we have had such a warm winter.  My guess is that ice cream was a hard sell today.

    Cones by Design had cakes for Valentine’s Day and an ice cream counter.  I loved the big penguin painted on the wall – it gave the shop a festive atmosphere.   I choose two of their seasonal specials – Superman and Raspberry Blast.  The Superman was a brightly colored mix of fruit flavored ice creams with mini chocolate candies –  I figured Raspberry Blast would match nicely with it – and I was right!