Stella’s Scoops

September 18, 2016

Stella’s Scoops, Saugerties, New Youk


Saugerties NY is a charming town – it is situated on the Hudson River with lots of parks to explore.  It is a town that hosts many talented artists, some of which we got to meet at the galloping gala auction.   We visited three parks ( Falling imageWaters Preserve, Saugerties Lighthouse and Opus 40).  Thenwe were then hungry!

We stopped at Stella’s  Station for lunch and then walked next door to Stella’s Scoops for desert.   I think the Stellas might be related.  The shop had both Hershey’s ice cream and Jane’s ice cream which is made near by in Kingston.  I got a chocolate sundae with Jane’s Peanut Butter ice cream and it was yummy!  Since it is almost the end of their season, they had a limited  selection).  It was a friendly, nicely decorated shop  with plenty of tables outside and benches inside –  but we preferred to walk around the rown window shopping at all the interesting shops.


Marita’s Homemade Ice Cream

imageAugust 14, 2016

Marita’s Homemade Ice Cream, Sea Isle City, New Jersey


While vacationing in Stone Harbor, NJ we went for a bike ride.  I got ‘a cheap thrill’ by riding over a draw bridge (free for bicycles) with a steel grate, which brought us to another island and another ice cream shop.

Marita’s Ice Cream in sea Isle City New Jersey offered numerous flavors, the “special” flavors were the homemade ones – and the ones I chose.  I had Ginger Cookie and Nutterfinger.  Both were made with a vanilla base ( I must admit I had hoped the Ginger Cookie would have ginger ice cream, which admitingly might be strange).   The ice cream was enjyable, and I liked the flavor selection.  Seating was at comfortable tables outside under a canopy – protection from sun or rain.- Now for a long ride back!



Boice Brothers Milk House

image.jpegBoice Brothers Milk House

September 17, 2016

Kingston NY is a nice town to visit .  It is on the Tondout Creek –  of the few deep water ports on the Hudson River.  We had the privilege of usong that port to visit two light houses on the river:  The Rondout LIghthouse and the Esopus Lighthouse.  We followed up exploring Kingston more (and looking for ice cream).

Boice Brothers Milk House features ice cream cakes, hard and soft ice cream and milk shakes.  They make all the ice cream next door using milk from a local farm ( Boice Btothers Farm?).   They sell their ice cream in 2 1/2 gallon  tubs for $28.00.  But tonight we were not that hungry – fortunately they also sold it by the.cone.  I had Maple Walnut and Pistachio Cardimon.  The pistasio flavor actually went quite well with cardamon , much to my surprise,   Seating was outside at tables painted like cows (that needed and a coat of paint).   The kids could sit on the cute little cow and pig statues.  The workers here were nice and patient, even when Don could not make up his mind about what he should order.

Dry Dock

image.jpegAugust 13, 2016

Dry Dock Ice Crean, Cape May, New Jersey


Cape May is the bottom tip of New Jersey.  In addition to nice beaches, it harbors numetous sanctuaries for migrating birds, and some great places to get ice cream.

Dry Dock Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey is not on the beach (or in a bird sanctuary), hence the name – but it is a nice place to enjoy a lunch.  They serve burgers, sandwiches, chicken and ice cream.  I was only interested in the ice cream, which was homemade at an ice cream parlor in Wildwood.  I got a Black  Forest Sundae with coffee ice cream.  There is restaurant seating inside, and picnic tables outside  (which we opted for).  This was a great way to start our vacation!

Marc’s Cheesecake

image.jpegSeptember 11, 2016

Marc’s Cheesecake, Glen Rock, New Jersey

Open year round

Glen Rock is a beautiful town – it has a great downtown, a few statues and a big rock in the middle of an intersection (Glen Rock?).  It even features two train stations! It apparently has residents with a sweet tooth because it has multiple bakeries and places to get ice cream (my kind of town).

Marc’s Cheesecake in Glen Rock, New Jersey has homemade soups, ice cream, Italian ices and probably cheesecakes.  The barista was a delightful man who was happy to let us try any flavors we wanted and even told us where they came from.  The bright red Beetle Juice was made with beets, Hot Blondie was made with blondie brownies and chipotle peppers, and Burnt Sugar made at a customer request, tastes sort of how I would have expected it to taste.    I tried all three, but decided to play it a little safer and ordered Mint Cookie Crunch (made with mint oreos) and Honey Rosemarie – both of which were very good.  There were small tables to sit at both inside and outside.  We sat outside so that we could watch the trains come and go ( I never outgrow my thrill of trains).  This place is worth a visit!

Dairy Queen, Stone Harbor

August 16, 2016

image.jpegDairy Queen,  Stone Harbor, New Jersey


We love visiting Stone Harbor at the New Jersey shore , and it is made even more fun with extended family!

We ordered Blizzards at Dairy Queen in Stone Harbor, New Jersey – I got a Banana Split Blizzard.   After a Blizzard is prepared, the server places a serving spoon  in it and turns it upside down to show how thick it is.  We were wondering what happens when the ice cream is thin for a day…

Milk Sugar and Love

image.jpegSeptember 10, 2016

Milk Sugar Love

Jersey City – a place I have heard lots of stories about over the yearsl – I finally visited today.  The section I saw was walkable from Hoboken.  It was a charming city with nice parks, lots of brick buildings and a great ice cream shop!

Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City, New Jersey is a smal shop featuring  homemade ice cream and baked goods.     Everything is made on the premsis except the ice cream cones which are made in an ice cream conery (is that a word?) in Brooklyn.   In addition to hand-dipped ice cream, pint packages of many flavors were also available.   The  friendly and enthusiastic barista was happy to welcome us and told us that they use fresh, local ingredients when ever possible, and let us try any flavors we were interested in.   There were many flavors of ice cream I had not see before – I had Peachy Cherry and Lemon Olive Oil in a red velvet cone.   The ice cream was a different texture than I was used to and not as sweet – but I totally enjoyed it.  Renee did not like her Salted Carmel.  There were benches outside the shop or a nice park acrss the street to sit while eating your ice cream.  This place is worth a visit.