Curly’s Ice Cream

June 21, 2016

Curly’s Ice Cream, Riverdale, New Jersey

The Scoops Gang strikes again – it is a beautiful evening  and ice cream just won out over wine (works for me!).  

Every time I drive past Curly’s Ice Cream in Riverdale NJ it has a line – no matter what the time or weather.  We had to find out why!  Pat and I both got ice cream – Italian ice swirls.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well their very creamy soft vanilla ice cream went with cherry Italian ice. Mary Lou got  small ice cream, I don’t know what kind.   We sat outside on their picnic tables to enjoy our treats and the beautiful evening.   We now understand the reason for the constant lines:  a  great selection of great  ice cream   I think we will have to come back for  ice cream sundaes soon –   I do not the Scoops Gang members will mind!



Cinelli’s Ice Cream Rolls

June 18, 2016

Cinelli’s Ice Cream Rolls, Frankfurt, Germany

Today we explored Frankfurt – The Main River bridge covered with locks from couples eternally in love, churches with beautiful sculptures and stained-glass, a historic place with a giant weird painting that I did not understand. (I am not a self -proclaimed history guru), and most importantly an ice cream shop.

Cinelli’s Ice  Cream Rolls was an interesting place.  Liquid ice cream was poured onto a cold surface, allowed to freeze and  rolled into a spirals using a spatula.  Several rolls were placed in a cup and toppings were added.  I got Myzein Jungle Mix – II do not know exactly what was in it, but I know it was topped with an animal cracker and some fruit.  I also know it was really good!

Eiscafe da Claudio 2

image.jpegJune 17, 2016.

Eiscafe da Cludio 2, Deitzenbach, Getmany

Spaghetti ice cream?  Something American children often learn about in a high school German classes (thanks for that info Erica!)- ice cream extruded to look like spaghetti, topped with  tomato sauce (strawberry sauce) or meat balls (chocolate of course) (or both).  This was something I had to try, and Ruben found a place that served it.  I think he is still trying to figure out how we can like ice cream so much.


Once again I saw the great German word “eiscafe” and I knew it was a good thing.   Eiscafe da Claudio 2 in Deitzenbach, Germany had that spaghetti ice cream I was looking for and it was wonderful.  I had spaghetti carbonara –   the spaghetti was hazelnut ice cream, and the carbonara was some kind of liquor sauce ( for once I did not have to choose between alcohol and ice cream).  I totally enjoyed this treat and I totally enjoyed Eiscafe da Claudion 2 – it had outdoor seating in a n park like setting.  I enjoyed it even more because of the great group I was with. This place is worth a visit!

Eiscafe Stanzione

June 16, 2016

Eiscafe Stanzione, Leverkusen, Germany

Visiting Europe never earned a place on my bucket list  – until my daughter moved to Germany last year.  This was my maiden voyage to see where she lives  works, and eats  ice cream.

“Eiscafe” is one of the most important words in German.   It means a place to get ice cream.       Eiscafe Stanzione is in walking distance from my daughter’s apartment and she had never even visited it! (She in definitely not a “chip off the old block”! )  This was a charming cafe with outdoor seating and lots of ice cream flavors.   I had a scoop of peppermint and a scoop of mocha.  It was quite good and I  made an amazing discovery – Jet lag does not lessen the appeal of ice cream!

Fox Island Creamery and Cafe

June 11, 2016

Fox Island Creamery, West Milford, New Jersey

We started our day at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge  walking a few short flat trails through fields – a bit different than our usual walks, but scenic and interesting.  Followed up  nice hikes with ice cream!

Fox Island Creamery in West Milford NJ is right on Greenwood Lake  -You can watch water skiers fall while you eat your ice cream.  The place is colorfully painted with the fox theme and the ice cream barista was charming. They had nice looking cupcakes and frozen yogurt (both of which I would not waste my calories on) and great looking ice cream  I had Fox Island Fluff Nutella Vanilla and Fox Island Highlander Academy (which was formulated at a local school – not sure of the age group, but I like their curriculum).   The ice cream , which is all homemade , was creamy and good.  I recommend you visit Fox Island Creamery.


Cold Stone Creamery, Hackettestown, NJ

June 3, 2016

Cold Stone Creamery, Hackettestown, New Jersey

A long day at work on a rainy day – I NEED ice cream before fife practice!

I actually really like Cold Stone Creamery. – probably my favorite ice cream chain.  I got Founder’s Favorite, which I assume was formulated by Mr. Coldstone himself.  Sweet Cream ice cream with pecans,  fudge and other stuff.  It was super good and there are lots more combos I need to try.


Ben and Jerry’s, Hoboken, NJ

imageJune 5, 2016

Ben and Jerry’s, Hoboken, New Jersey

After completing my master’s degree at Stevens Institute of Technology a few years ago, what made me the happiest was that I would never have to drive to Hoboken again!  … Never say never… Today Don and I helped our daughter move there – in the pouring rain.  Our reward was ice cream.

I think Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream in Hoboken, New Jersey is what you can get the supermarket, but here you get to pay a lot more money for it.  You also get a better selection, someone to scoop it for you, a chance to see a nice mural on the wall and the ice cream shop experience. I got bourbon brown butter and Renee got some peppermint thing.  We really enjoyed it.   Now I can return to a quieter, less congested Sussex County and figure out the train schedule.