Frozen In Time

May 6, 2017

Frozen In Time, Livingston, NJ

open all year

This is the first ice cream parlor that I have been in
(to my knowledge) that was the site of a TV show – in fact, 3 episodes of “What Would You Do?” were filmed here – April 16, 20IMG_1377.JPG12, June 5, 2016 and June 26, 2016. To be honest I have never seen (or even heard of) this show – but I found them on You Tube after we left.  It is definitely the same place!  I am not sure if I would be so proactive if I saw someone being picked on, but it was heart warming to see how many people defended the “underdog”!

Frozen In Time in Livingston, New Jersey features Italian ice, flavored coffees, frozen yogurt (their specialty) and Hershey’s ice cream (the only thing I was interested in!).  I got Raspberry ice cream and Banana Cream Pie ice cream.  Don probably got Chocolate Chip like he always does.  The shop had plenty of comfortable seating at tables as well as lots of outside seating at picnic tables.  We had a nice chat with the owner where he described what it was like being the site for filming a TV show.  We had an interesting and fun visit!


Cafe a la Mode

IMG_1178.JPGMarch 19, 2017

Cafe a la Mode, Warwick,New York

Open all year

Growing up in Orange County New York, I have been in Warwick many times – three of my daughters were born there.  It is a delightful town with beautiful homes on large lots and a downtown that is pleasant to walk through.

Cafe a la Mode is one of the first shops upon entering Warwick, NY from the south.  It  is charming, with a large porch that would be an enjoyable place to eat in warmer weather – today is cool and overcast, so we opted for inside.  Seating is divided into a waitress service room and a counter service room.  We chose the counter/fountain service.  They offered a wide array of sandwiches and grill items of which we did not partake – and a great ice cream counter of which we did partake.  (I am amazed that the website of a place named “a la mode” does not mention ice cream – especially considering  the selection).  As we perused their flavors, the counter server informed us that the ice cream was Perry’s – made in New York, and that there was no such thing as “bad ice cream flavors” (my kind of guy!)  After sampling a few flavors, I chose Deep Sea Treasure (vanilla ice cream with sea salt truffles and caramel swirl) and French Roast Coffee – an excellent choice I must say!  The ice cream had both a great flavor and a great texture – I particularly enjoyed the Deep Sea Treasure.  We sat at a large rectangular table to enjoy our ice cream with other patrons near by – a totally enjoyable experience.  This place is worth a visit!

Crabby Dick’s Creamery

IMG_1393May 20, 2017

Crabby Dick’s Creamery, Delaware City, Delaware

If water vistas are your thing, the Michael Castle Trail starting in Delaware City, Delaware is a good place to visit!  It runs along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal which has  great water vistas – birds, tug boats  pulling/pushing barges and pleasure boats.  Today we biked  the trail, which is paved so it was a an easy and fun ride (except for the head wind coming at us for the 15 mile return trip!).  As is usually the case, we had to follow up a nice bike ride with some nice ice cream.

While I cannot be sure, I assume “Crabby Dick” refers the a person rather than a part of a person.  Crabby Dick’s Ice Cream Parlor  is a small shop that features Potts ice cream.   I got Espresso Chip – my favorite,  but first I had to try the Root Beer ice cream because I never had it before – tasted pretty close to the real stuff!  The ice cream scoopers were very friendly and even managed to convince us that we needed to get a cookie – and I was glad we did – espresso chip ice cream on a homemade chocolate chip cookie was fantastic!  They even offered to take our picture for us – and chose the best angle to take it at!  Seating was outside, but a short walk away allows one to mosey along the waterway while enjoying their treat.

Penn State Berkey Creamery

IMG_1268.JPGApril 21, 2017

Penn State Creamery, State College, Pennsylvania

Open all year

Today is Don’s birthday – me referring to him as an “old man” always results in a reminder that I will always be older – oh well.   Visiting the Creamery at Penn State was interesting.  I spent a summer there many years ago doing research on the enzyme that makes adrenaline (s-adensylmethonine n- methyl transferase if I remember correctly).   I was not able to figure out where on the campus I was today –  it has been too long, but the campus is still huge and still beautiful.

The Penn State Berkey Creamery boasts “three days from cow to cone” – I guess that makes it really fresh.  We passed the cows on the way in, along with silos, barns and the like.  At the Creamery we could see the mini ice cream factory and view the ice cream production- if any was going on.  There was a video playing that showed how the ice cream  was made – quite interesting.   At the creamery shop we ordered our ice cream – I had monkey business (banana ice cream. peanut butter swirl, chocolate chips) and Don celebrated his birthday with peanut butter swirl.  There were plenty of tables to sit at, ant the ice cream was really tasty.  We thanked the cows on the way out.

The Ice Cream Station

IMG_1227.JPGApril 1, 2017

The Ice Cream Station, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

If I were an ice cream shop, how would I decorate for April Fool’s Day?  Maybe make a silly special, maybe just screw up everybody’s order?  I do not know – anyone have any ideas? I actually was not thinking of April Fools’s Day when we set out this morning for Norvin Green State Park for some hiking, followed by ice cream (always a necessity after hiking!) .  Pompton Lakes, which has a scenic downtown which has a bagpipe store – the only music shop that I would find more impressive would be a fife and drum store.

The Ice Cream Station in Pompton Lakes, is a compact shop with hard and soft ice cream, creative ice cream cakes, Italian ice and a full deli – something for everyone. They served Gifford’s hard ice cream and homemade Italian ice.   I went with a “Mr. Cloud” – squishie blue raspberry Italian ice with a generous helping of soft vanilla ice cream.  This was both a thirst quencher and an ice cream treat in one cup.  Seating was in booths inside.  It looked like there would be plenty of nice outdoor seating when the weather got warmer.  Fun stop for a sunny afternoon!