Sweet Lucy’s

January 14, 2018

Sweet Lucy’s, Wilmington, DE

74512D56-1235-4375-BE77-C66EDB529682We arrived at Sweet Lucy’s in the early on a cold evening in January – usu3D90B9E2-3E4C-47FF-9771-87DCFEB125F2ally not 5E1E488E-0AC0-4564-92E6-F25914F33FB0prime time for ice cream parlors.  We were greeted by a server who told us about Woodside Farm Creamery where ice cream is prepared just for Sweet Lucy’s.  They also sell some flavors of Hershey ice cream.   I of course, opted for the locally made ice cream –  I chose pumpkin pecan and Walking Dough Chocolate  (with a name like that I had to try it).  The Pumpkin Pecan was good.  The Walking Dough Chocolate was supposed to be chocolate ice cream with caramel swirl and chocolate chips, but it seemed more like chocolate cookie crumbles than chocolate chips.  Not usually being a fan of chocolate ice cream, i went out of my comfort zone here.  I was glad I did – this was some of the best ice cream I have eaten.  The flavor, texture, and amount of chocolate cookies and caramel were just right.  I would like to visit Woodside Farm.

As we sat down to enjoy our ice cream the next customers came in, a man with two kids.  The servers now really earned their pay.  It must of taken the man 15 minutes to decide what he wanted –  I think he tried every flavor in the place before settling on  strawberry, which they were out of.  I was impressed with what good sports they were. I guess this guy was either a serious ice cream critic, or he was just not sure where his next ice cream cone was coming from.

Why we were here:  We were returning from our long weekend- visited three great places today:  Patuxent Research Refuge, College Park Aviation Museum, and Goddard Space Flight Center.

Our trip to the Patuxent 473AAEF9-AB9A-4E37-BEF3-52714C022D68.jpegResearch Refuge in Laurel Maryland was not pre-planned,  We saw a sign for it on the highway and decided to visit – we were their first A3ABAB48-0E29-43CB-8AA3-B17FCEDEC9F4.jpegvisitors of the day.  To be honest we expected the run-of-the- mill wildlife exhibits with a few hiking trails – not what we found!  5335F931-B02D-4709-9FE5-45493D8AAAED.jpegThe exhibits here were awesome – beautifully done, elaborate, informative and interesting – just enough written to keep our interest without being cumbersome to read.   The exhibits  included “please touch me” animal furs and bones, poster boards and lots more!  There were miles of hiking trails which were not able to visit today, but it looked like it could be a great stop on a warmer, less icy day.


Our second stop was to the College Park Aviation Museum at the University of Maryland – Don loved this place, several vintage airplanes (or replicas), some hands-on stuff and lots more. 4994F50E-23E2-4DB7-8AFF-09D8AD804230



Our third stop was the Goddard Space Flight Center – what can I say?  NASA is always fascinating,  and I had a very interesting chat with a heliophysiscist or some title likeF1E3ED05-5E3D-4B5C-B21C-166043423FDA.jpeg that where she was explaining to me how sun activity effects weather on the earth – a very intelligent lady!


Sip and Swirl

B81DD2BC-4D6A-4CD7-89F8-BD2B686ED16DNovember 19, 2017

Sip and Swirl, Little Falls, New Jersey

open all year

Sip and Swirl has a great street presence- as one drives by, they cannot miss the “Homemade Ice Cream” banners around the building (to be real, I cannot even miss very little “homemade ice cream” signs).    When we entered, we found the shop very appealing – brightly lit and pleasingly painted and decorated.  For eat-in customers there were two small tables inside and several more outside.  It was a blustery day so we chose inside.  24C8F6EB-AC33-4C66-956D-A32EFCFF7FF59EAC7D58-C8AD-4C8F-9A9F-34D775073FFAAll the ice cream was home made with standard flavors like mint chip and vanilla plus interesting flavors like banana Oreo and Whitney’s Latte 58372471-101B-4012-8794-279E8BAD0D12(unfortunately the server could not tell me who Whitney was).   They featured a “Sundae Smasherwhich” great for anyone who is chronically indecisive or “wants it all” – a warmed lava cake with soft 2951240E-E27A-41E6-92F2-A191BD81A029ice cream and toppings with whipped cream in a cup – Don got a peanut Butter Sundae Smasher which he C7650839-BDB8-4305-BD6D-CA5FA695FD60enjoyed.  I chose a peanut butter sundae with hard ice cream – Whitney’s Latte and Butter Pecan.  I found the ice cream to be refreshingly delicious – both the flavor and the texture.  The butter pecan had lots of large pieces of pecans (to me the more the merrier) in a delicious base.   I found the server to be very friendly.

10EBDDC5-98E5-4337-ABA8-1D7740C91078Sip and Swirl offers catering service where you can have a Sip and Swirl truck come to your next event. I am wondering if I can just have that truck park outside my house.



June 12, 2017

Chatterbox Drive-In Restaurant, Augusta, New Jersey

Open all year

The Chatterbox Drive-In Restaurant has always been a favorite of mine0B3C8023-81BB-44D2-BEC4-CBE5818339FC – great food, great milkshakes, great atmosphere.  It features 1950s motif which includes period music, a model train and an old car (in mint condition) in the center of the service floor.  The car changes regularly – I think anyone can apply to have their car DFCB1DC9-BCCB-4E61-825F-FA48FAC807C1feature5EDA89C5-82D6-471F-9814-682DE56ED605d, but I am unsure.  During the Christmas season, a Christmas tree occupies the spot of honor.  The restaurant has large booths around the circular perimeter and a few tables toward the center.  It also has a soda-fountain style counter.  It is spacious, giving it a relaxing atmosphere.  There is some period merchandise available for sale before the hostess station – I frequently get gifts there for a relative who restores old vehicles.

The food is always good – burgers, sandwiches, munchies, the best milkshakes FA78B5EA-85A6-4333-9B8A-F2C5562C8A9Baround and ice cream for dessert!   They have about six flavors of Hershey’s ice cream, several toppings to chose from, and ice cream sodas, root beer floats, and milkshakes.  I had a sundae with black raspberry ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Pat and Mary Lou had sundaes as well.   Sundae were nicely sized and presented, and made a great ending to our delicious dinner!