Take a Break

imageApril 23, 2016

Take a Break – Tuxedo, NY

Well today will go down as a first for me – my first time seeing a rattlesnake in the wild.  We were hiking near Lake Skannatati in Harriman State Park looking at old mine shafts – and so was the snake.  This guy crossed our path, and seemed in no rush to get away from us.  Aren’t snakes supposed to be afraid of people?  Glad we got ice cream first – maybe I should have gotten an extra one to offer to the snake.

Take a Break in Tuxedo NY is a roadside type of ice cream place with a pizza shop inside (that I did not visit).  I had a grasshopper sundae.  This a good place to stop for an ice cream fix.  It was fast, and the workers are friendly.






Lakeside Licks

imageApril 17, 2016

Lakeside Licks, Highland, New York

Today we walked the Walkway Over the Hudson which goes from Highland, New York to Poughkeepsie, New York.  This is always a pleasant walk, even though being that high up sometimes creeps me out! No big boats today, but we saw a really long train!  we then walked a few miles along the Dutchess County side of the trail and now I am tired.  I am glad we filled up on ice cream before setting out.

Lakeside Licks is a relaxing place with a miniature golf course and a yard with picnic tables.  I got soft pina colada ice cream in a waffle cone – I do not think that I ever had a waffle cone before, so this was pretty exciting.   It was also fun having a new flavor of soft ice cream.   But there is one looming question about this place:  Where is the lake? Maybe you just have to imagine it.


Denville Dog and Grill

imageApril 10, 2016

Denville Dog and Grill/Denville Freeze

Today was the annual concrete canoe races at Cook’s Pond in Denville.  Civil Engineering students from New York and New Jersey colleges design, construct and race concrete canoes.  We love to watch the races, view the displays about the construction  and meet the students involved. The only snafu this year was that the students were not actually racing – the water was too frigid – they just had to swamp the boats to show they still floated.  The winning school was determined by the boat appearance, the construction display and an oral presentation done earlier in the week.  This year’s winner was NYU, followed by CCNY.  All the schools involved  (Fairleigh Dickinson, TCNJ, CCNY, NJIT, Manhattan College, Rowan, NYU and Rutgers) obviously put a tremendous amount of work into their projects, and I congratulate them all on a job very well done -amazing canoes, tremendous displays, great teamwork – Now we needed ice cream to complete our fun outing!

Denville Dog and Grill/Denville Freeze was reminiscent of an older style restaurant with laminated plastic booths and a charm that is hard to describe – casual, the kind of place you want to hang out with friends and enjoy simple fare of  hotdogs, burgers and fries and most importantly ice cream. Their ice cream counter offered both hard and soft ice cream.  I went with the soft ice cream – vanilla/chocolate twist (please don’t judge me as boring, I really like soft ice cream!) with peanut butter sauce and Reese’s Pieces – yummy.

Just Desserts

imageApril 9, 2016

Just Desserts, Tannersville, PA

Tannersville, Pennsylvania is a great place to spend a day shopping.  Today I did just that with my youngest daughter.  It is called an  “outlet center”, which usually means you pay the same as everywhere else, but feel like you’re getting great bargains in doing so.  We decided to start with ice cream in the food court.

Just Desserts had cookies, probably other desserts and ice cream.  These people make a great looking (and tasting) Sundae  – I had Coffee and Turtle Sundae ice cream with chocolate sauce and Reese’s pieces – yummy.  We now had enough energy to search for those great bargains!

Cranberry Junction

imageApril 3, 2016

Cranberry Junction, Hackensack, NJ

Today is what Winnie the Pooh would call a “very blustery day”.  We decided to make make the  trek to Bergen County (why did I think Blue Laws mean no traffic on Sundays?) and visit the Aviation Museum at Teterboro Airport.  The museum is small, but very interesting.  I got to sit in an ejection seat removed from a fighter jet or something.  It could no longer actually make me airborne, but I could imagine…  We had to follow this up with local ice cream (of course!)

Cranberry Junction in Hackensack, NJ is located in a nice park, and if it was not a very blustery day, we would have enjoyed our ice cream outside.  This shop sells both ice cream and doughnuts.  The two workers were excited -passionate workers are essential for a great ice shop, and this place had them – because they just won some type of award for the best donut in NJ or something like that –  I was actually tempted to buy a donut (in addition to ice cream of course) – but I resisted.  The ice cream was good, and I was informed that as the season progresses, there will be more home made flavors – does that mean that yet again I will have brave Bergen County roads?


Jefferson Dairy

imageApril 2, 2016

Jefferson Dairy, Jefferson NJ

Jefferson NI is a large town split in half by Route 15.  People who live in Jefferson seem to identify themselves with being either from the Lake Hopatcong side of town (where I love boating and swimming) or the Oak Ridge side of town (which has one of my favorite. rail trails in the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation).  Jefferson Dairy wisely placed themselves on the median of Route 15 so both sides of town can enjoy their ice cream.

Jefferson Dairy is  a take out ice cream place with lots of ice cream flavors, ice cream cakes, ice cream novalties – you get the picture.  I love their ice cream and I stop there too often because they are right on Route 15.  Tonight I had Elephants Never Forget and Mocha Rocket Chip. I do not know how rockets fit into mocha chip, or how elephants are related to peanut butter ice cream, but I am just going with it.

Enjoy Creparie

imageApril 1, 2016

Enjoy Creparie, Hackettestown, New Jersey

Hackettestown, New Jersey is known for three things – great chocolate (M&M Mars and Enchanted Chocolate), great education (Centenary College) and great music (Colonial Musketeers Senior (and Junior) Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.  But Hackettestown also has a cute downtown that is fun to walk through, and enjoy ice cream in.

The first thing you see upon entering Enjoy Creparie in Hackettestown, NJ is the ice cream counter that goes across the front of the shop – they know what is important here!    A really sweet lady – I apologize for not getting her name – was working the counter.  When I told her I wanted to order a crepe and ice cream, she asked if she should scoop the ice cream first so that I could eat it while I waited for the crepe – they really do know what is important here!  Being in the downtown, I enjoyed the ice cream while I did people and street watching (not street walking!).   It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience!  Oh – I almost forgot – I had Roadrunner Raspberry and Salted Caramel Turtle ice cream – both very tasty!