Ochs Orchard


July 23, 2017


Ochs Orchard, Warwick, New York

“open most of the year”


I have always associated Ochs Orchard with apples – they are an “orchard” after all and advertise pick-your-own-apples in the fall.  I have passed their sign for years, and never actually gone in for a visit, even when I saw the “ice ream”sign – until today.  AftIMG_1730er making the trek up their long drive way, I arrived at their farm store.  (The pick-your-own was a short distance farther –  I think it was blueberries today.)  The farm store appears to be a converted IMG_1729barn, and entering brought me into a room that had fresh produce, honey, maple syrup, cider donuts (like all NY/NJ orchards) and other items IMG_1728– but not so much that it felt like a Walmart instead of a farm stand.  Continuing to the back of the store, I arrived at the ice cream parlor room – complete with an apple mural (I guess my view of Ochs was right after all), a counter for ordering, and a seating area.    It featured plenty of flavors of homemade ice cream.  I chose “Jessie’s Donut a la Mode” with Coffee Chip ice cream because I really like the smell and taste of cider donuts, but I cannot resist homemade ice cream!  Even through they served the donut under the ice cream,  I ate it sort of like an Oreo cookie – the donut first and then I dug into the ice cream, which was excellent.  I do not know who Jessie is, but his choice of ice cream and donut together was a good one! – especially for those of us who have a hard time making decisions.  I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Ochs Orchard – I found it charming and not over commercialized.

In the area:   We spent the day kayaking in Wawayanda State Park, technically a New Jersey State park, but the northern entrance is near the New York State border.  We usually visit Wawayanda “off season” for hiking, this was our first time kayaking there.  Lake was a little small for this, but we were with friends, so the whole afternoon was relaxing and enjoyable.



Ronan’s Boat

IMG_1766.JPGAugust 3, 2017

Ronan’s Boat, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey


‘”All it takes is a fancy boat and some ice cream cones to lure the women” – an observation from the men we were with.  We were jumping a car with a dead battery, when a stranger came along and asked us if we needed help.  We thanked him and said we we fine, so he offered us ice cream or espresso (sort of like asking a kid to help you find a lost dog).  What?? free ice cream?  this was a deal too good to pass up!!  We all went to Ronan’s beautiful boat, and  true to his offer,  he produced lots prepackaged ice cream novelties – hagan daz bars,  vanilla and chocolate cones with nuts, all-fruit Popsicles – you get the picture.  Tommy took him up on his offer for espresso – espresso over ice cream?  some men I will never understand.  Ronan told us that he used to own a chain of ice cream stores in Texas – I guess he likes ice cream too.  When we were leaving his boat, we all got a parting gift of Israel chocolate!  I like Ronan.