Ronan’s Boat

IMG_1766.JPGAugust 3, 2017

Ronan’s Boat, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey


‘”All it takes is a fancy boat and some ice cream cones to lure the women” – an observation from the men we were with.  We were jumping a car with a dead battery, when a stranger came along and asked us if we needed help.  We thanked him and said we we fine, so he offered us ice cream or espresso (sort of like asking a kid to help you find a lost dog).  What?? free ice cream?  this was a deal too good to pass up!!  We all went to Ronan’s beautiful boat, and  true to his offer,  he produced lots prepackaged ice cream novelties – hagan daz bars,  vanilla and chocolate cones with nuts, all-fruit Popsicles – you get the picture.  Tommy took him up on his offer for espresso – espresso over ice cream?  some men I will never understand.  Ronan told us that he used to own a chain of ice cream stores in Texas – I guess he likes ice cream too.  When we were leaving his boat, we all got a parting gift of Israel chocolate!  I like Ronan.


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