Dairy Queen, Sussex, NJ

IMG_1723July 17, 2017

Sussex Dairy Queen, Sussex, New Jersey


Dairy Queen is probably one of the oldest ice cream chains in the United States – so  it must have something going for it.  Tonight I stopped with my friend Pat for a quick ice cream at the Dairy Queen in Sussex, New Jersey  – it has all the characteristic and tempting treats – parfaits (Peanut Buster is usually my favorite), hard and soft ice cream, sundaes, Blizzards (Banana Split is my favorite) and an array of beautiful ice cream cakes (they are all my IMG_1719favorites).  But I have one question – Why would an ice cream place list calories if they do not have too?  I know ice cream is expensive calorie-wise, but I prefer to proverbially bury my head in the sand on this one.  I opted for a soft vanilla cone

IMG_1718with rainbow sprinkles (170 to 460 calories).  It, like all Dairy Queen ice cream was creamy, tasty, and the rainbow sprinkles made it attractive.  Pat got a Blizzard (she opted for the higher calorie option),  This, like most ice cream, was worth the calories.  Now we will go line IMG_1717dancing to burn it off!



In the area:  Monday night line dancing at the Sussex Elks – great group of people, fun dancing – great for seasoned dancers as well as beginners!


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