Denmo’s Snack and Dairy Bar

IMG_1706IMG_1708IMG_1709IMG_1711Denmo’s Snack and Dairy Bar, Southbury, Connecticut

July 16, 2017


Denmo’s is located  on Main Street in Southbury, Connecticut, just past Poverty Drive  – ( NOT a street I want to live on – I assume it is somehow connected with “Easy Street”).  We visited  on a very warm afternoon in July – what better time to get ice cream?  Driving in we saw lots of picnic tables with festive umbrellas  which were needed today.  We walked up to the order window.  There was a wide variety of picnic food (burgers, dogs…) and more importantly a nice selection of Lawson ice cream.  I ordered Oreo and their feature flavor Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl,  with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.   I love peanut better in or on ice cream, and I was not disappointed today!  Linda being significantly more disciplined than I am ordered something smaller.  We took our treats to relax at a picnic table.

In the area:  The third weekend in July is a wonderful time to be in Connecticut!  it is  the weekend of the Deep River Ancient Fife and Drum Muster – a weekend of music , jamming, parades and performances by dozens of the best corps on the world.  Incidentally ancient refers to the style of the music and instruments (rope tension drums for instance).  For me this weekend gets even better when I get to see my good and long time (not ancient) friend Linda – we palled around together at SUNY Potsdam so many years ago.  I am always amazed that when we get together the years melt away.  We still talk like we did then, and we do not even look much different.  Well at least Linda hasn’t aged much!


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