Alstede Farms

IMG_1652IMG_1653IMG_1654IMG_1655IMG_1657July 4, 2017

Alstede Farms, Chester, New Jersey

Wow – Alstede Farm has a lot going on  – pick your own fruits and vegetables, a farm store, a farmers market and an ice cream walk-up window.  It was all a bit overwhelming for a simple ice cream blogger who just wanted a cone of the good stuff.  But I successfully found the ice  cream source and it included many flavors of both hard and soft ice cream. The server offered me samples, so I tried both blueberry  and raspberry – both very flavorful, but I chose soft vanilla ice cream with strawberries and chocolate sauce.  It was very attractive, but the artistry was amazing, the ice cream swirl from the soft serve machine was hollow in the middle – it looked like an ice cream cave reminiscent of  a hollow chocolate bunny.  I didn’t feel gypped – more intrigued – I should have taken a picture of it.  I guess the soft ice cream was really not so soft.  Don had Strawberry Chip and said it was great.  Their ice cream is all home made, and comes in variety of interesting and fun flavors.  There are picnic tables to eat at – situated between the farmers’s market, the craft booth and assorted other tents.

In the area- we were actually passing Alstede farms going between parades, – Brookside, New Jersey this morning (with an enthusiastic hometown crowd – always a fun parade) and Washington, New Jersey in the afternoon – another great parade, well run with a great crowd cheering us on. Marching  and ice cream, Independence Day does not get much better than this!


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