Scoop House

IMG_1644IMG_1645IMG_1642IMG_1635July 2, 2017

Scoop House , Boonton,  New Jersey

open all year

Walking down Main Street in Boonton, The Scoop House was recognizable as a happy place by the banner over the shop and the blue cafe tables outside.  Stepping inside completed the image – large ice cream display cases,  window booths, a couch with comfortable chairs and cafe tables with polka dotted seats.  We stepped up to the counter to examine the varied choices  of Gifford’s Ice Cream – so many choices   After sampling IMG_1639a couple, I chose Maine Wild Blueberry and Peanut Butter Pie.  My first question – does Gifford’s send people into the woods to get their “wild” blueberries?  Or is there a variety of farmed  blueberries called “wild”? Either way the blueberry ice cream was loaded with blueberry swirls.  The Peanut Butter Pie Ice Cream was likewise loaded with peanut butter cups  (seems like it should have been named Peanut Butter Cup instead of Peanut Butter Pie) in a peanut butter ice cream – yummy!   I The portion sizes were generous.   We sat down in a window booth and discovered a shelf of games to play while we ate.  I challenged Don to a game of  Connect Four.  We tied at one game each – probably the best – Don hates to lose.

In the area:  Boonton, New Jersey is a delightful town to mosey through with boutiques, restaurants and bakeries.  We particularly enjoyed our trip today because the  Boonton Arts Council was presenting “The Dogs of Summer and Some Cool Cats”.  Creative dog and cat sculptures were located throughout the town.  While we totally enjoyed them all, my favorite was Sundae Fundae  by Kasey Tataruj which was located right outside the Scoop House!


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