June 17, 2017


Freggo, London, United Kingdom

Freggo is located on an open mall in an upscale shopping area.  In response to the hot dry day, Cafe tables were set up outside and the front of the shop was open.  The sun was so strong, the shop felt refreshingly cool and dark.  We stepped up the the counter to order – the service was quick and friendly.  Their specialties included coffee, ice cream and pastry/cakes.  The ice cream selection included several versions of chocolate, fruit flavors and dulces de leche.   I had Temptation (double caramel) and Irish Cream, The texture was smooth, but the consistency was too soft for a cone – mine had to be placed in a dish.  But the flavor was excellent so I actually found it very enjoyable.  We sat outside, but inside tables were also available.

In the area:  This was my first time in London – a city that conjured up images of  Tower bridge, breath-taking cathedrals and men in black hats and red suits guarding the queen (all wonderful to see).   England also conjures images of tea and crumpets (which I did not experience), fish and chips ( which I totally enjoyed)  and ice cream ( at least to me).  Ice cream stands  touting “Traditional Ice Cream” were present in many of the parks – embarrassingly I did not sample these (too full from from fish and chips).  Freggo was not far from the famous Piccadilly Circus – a large shopping/theater area.  Being four nerds, we actually were in the area to visit the Michael Faraday Museum, which unfortunately was closed today.



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