Milford Dairy Bar


June 24, 2017

Milford Dairy Bar, Milford, PA


Okay, Milford Dairy Bar is a first for me – and ice cream shop with live music played in their outdoor music pavilion- sort of like a coffee house but much better.  A  schedule of the acts is posted on the shop.

The service, via a walk up window, was friendly and quick.   There wereIMG_1597 so many flavors of homemade ice cream I had a difficult time deciding  –  I knew that I had to try Neon Mint Chip, but I let the server choose my second flavor, and she suggested Strawberry. The Neon Mint Chip was “neon” colored Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream – bright pink today -creating and interesting contrast with the paler pink of the strawberry.  We enjoyed our ice cream relaxing at a picnic table listening to a band  – life is good!


Milford PA was filled with live music today, creating a true party atmosphere.  It was a special treat to see my friend Diane  playing her Irish flute in the Tara Minstrels (she looks better playing the fife).  But the what actually brought us to Milford today was hiking in the Delaware Water Gap National Park – one of the most visited national parks in the United States.  We hiked the Hackers Trail with a nice waterfall and the Cliff Trail with wonderful views.  These trails were wide, easy to follow and scenic.  I love the Delaware Water Gap.IMG_1587.JPG



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