City Green Strawberry Festival

IMG_1441.JPGJune 10, 2017

City Green Strawberry Festival, Clifton, New Jersey

This festival is one day a year – sort of like Brigadoon

I love strawberries!  So do a lot of other people based on the turn out for the City Green Strawberry Festival this weekend!  City Green is an urban farm in Clifton, NJ with a mission to teach others how to design and implement urban farms for nutrition and fun.  Throughout the year City Green has numerous special events to accomplish their mission including the Strawberry Festival in June – which includes goat petting, chicken watching, activities for children, tours of their organic farm and a farm stand selling the crops grown there – I bought savory (which I never tried before), mixed greens and onions. The farm stand workers even gave me instructions on how to use the savory (I sauteed it),  The day was wonderfully organized, the workers, interns and volunteers enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the weather perfect -all this made for a great day.

And what would a strawberry festival be without strawberry ice cream?   City Green supplied Sip and Swirl in Little Falls (a place I need to try) with the strawberries, and Sip and Swirl turned them into smooth, very strawberry ice cream – (definitely  the best tasting way to get our “five-a-day” fruits and veggies!).  We sat on benches enjoying live music while we ate it.  Now I have to wait another year to get that great strawberry ice cream again.


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