Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company – (Market Street Grocery)

IMG_1304April 22, 2017

Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company at Market Street Grocery, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Open all year

This is the first time I have been in Pittsburgh – and it is an interesting city.   Three Rivers Park has great walking paths right along the rivers, with numerous sculptures (including one dedicated to
Mr. Rodgers).   I am not sure how far the paths go, but we saw serious looking bikers on them, so I assume they go pretty far. The University of Pittsburgh has classrooms decorated for different nationalities in their Cathedral of Learning (worth the trip!).  Downtown Pittsburgh has some really interesting architecture, such as the PPG Industries glass buildings (I guess they should not throw stones), a street fair and a Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company counter located in Market Street Grocery.

Market Street Grocery is a  small, compact shop with a lot of good-looking food, groceries, baked goods, a coffee bar, a wine bar and an ice cream counter,   We skipped the coffee, baked goods and groceries, but enjoyed both the wine and the ice cream.  The wine bar is located in a comfortable room in the back of the shop – we happily sampled various wines here.  But the best feature of the shop was the Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company counter!   We were told the ice cream was made downstairs, which I assume they meant literally.  Their website says their ice cream is “fun and funky” which is an accurate description.   I had Peanut Butter and Jelly and Strawberry Peach Sangria.  The sangria ice cream had a sweet flavor and a texture that was almost a mix of a Italian ice and ice cream, it was very enjoyable.  I assume the sangria came from the wine room in the back of the shop.  The Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream was a more traditional ice cream flavor and excellent – to me there can never be too much peanut butter in peanut butter ice cream!  This was some of the best tasting ice cream I have had!  We ate outside in the market square where we could enjoy live music and people watch.  There is a small amount of inside seating and as well.


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