IMG_1411.JPGMay 29, 2017

Holsten’s, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Open all year

Today is Memorial Day –  a day set aside to remember the men and women who died defending our freedom thus and enabling us to do fun things like write ice cream blogs.  I feel a great gratitude to them and their families – in a way words cannot adequately express.   Thank you to all the service men and women who defend us everyday – and thank you to their families.   You are all appreciated.

Following a parade, and a visit to the beautiful rose garden in Brookdale Park, we visited Holsten’s in Bloomfield, New Jersey (I wonder if they considered calling it Holstein’s instead?)  Upon entering the shop, three things grabbed my attention – the beautiful chocolate candy counter, the fabulous looking ice cream bar and a plethora of stuffed animals.  I assume the stuffed animals were for sale, but we so wanted to set one on our table to join us for lunch.  The back of the shop has a cafe/restaurant adorned with more stuffed animals and plaques for all the Reader’s Choice and other awards they have won over the last few years (well deserved).  Seating is in comfortable booths, which gave the place a fun atmosphere. The service was a bit slow, but fortunately we were not in a rush.  The restaurant offers sandwiches and burgers  (nothing fancy, just good food)  and ice cream (more fancy, also good food).  The ice cream is home made, creamy and tasty.  I had a coffee sundae with Rum Raisin and Coffee Chip ice cream.  The flavor, especially of the rum raisin was superb, as was the presentation.  This place is worth a visit!


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