Frozen In Time

May 6, 2017

Frozen In Time, Livingston, NJ

open all year

This is the first ice cream parlor that I have been in
(to my knowledge) that was the site of a TV show – in fact, 3 episodes of “What Would You Do?” were filmed here – April 16, 20IMG_1377.JPG12, June 5, 2016 and June 26, 2016. To be honest I have never seen (or even heard of) this show – but I found them on You Tube after we left.  It is definitely the same place!  I am not sure if I would be so proactive if I saw someone being picked on, but it was heart warming to see how many people defended the “underdog”!

Frozen In Time in Livingston, New Jersey features Italian ice, flavored coffees, frozen yogurt (their specialty) and Hershey’s ice cream (the only thing I was interested in!).  I got Raspberry ice cream and Banana Cream Pie ice cream.  Don probably got Chocolate Chip like he always does.  The shop had plenty of comfortable seating at tables as well as lots of outside seating at picnic tables.  We had a nice chat with the owner where he described what it was like being the site for filming a TV show.  We had an interesting and fun visit!


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