Cafe a la Mode

IMG_1178.JPGMarch 19, 2017

Cafe a la Mode, Warwick,New York

Open all year

Growing up in Orange County New York, I have been in Warwick many times – three of my daughters were born there.  It is a delightful town with beautiful homes on large lots and a downtown that is pleasant to walk through.

Cafe a la Mode is one of the first shops upon entering Warwick, NY from the south.  It  is charming, with a large porch that would be an enjoyable place to eat in warmer weather – today is cool and overcast, so we opted for inside.  Seating is divided into a waitress service room and a counter service room.  We chose the counter/fountain service.  They offered a wide array of sandwiches and grill items of which we did not partake – and a great ice cream counter of which we did partake.  (I am amazed that the website of a place named “a la mode” does not mention ice cream – especially considering  the selection).  As we perused their flavors, the counter server informed us that the ice cream was Perry’s – made in New York, and that there was no such thing as “bad ice cream flavors” (my kind of guy!)  After sampling a few flavors, I chose Deep Sea Treasure (vanilla ice cream with sea salt truffles and caramel swirl) and French Roast Coffee – an excellent choice I must say!  The ice cream had both a great flavor and a great texture – I particularly enjoyed the Deep Sea Treasure.  We sat at a large rectangular table to enjoy our ice cream with other patrons near by – a totally enjoyable experience.  This place is worth a visit!


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