Crabby Dick’s Creamery

IMG_1393May 20, 2017

Crabby Dick’s Creamery, Delaware City, Delaware

If water vistas are your thing, the Michael Castle Trail starting in Delaware City, Delaware is a good place to visit!  It runs along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal which has  great water vistas – birds, tug boats  pulling/pushing barges and pleasure boats.  Today we biked  the trail, which is paved so it was a an easy and fun ride (except for the head wind coming at us for the 15 mile return trip!).  As is usually the case, we had to follow up a nice bike ride with some nice ice cream.

While I cannot be sure, I assume “Crabby Dick” refers the a person rather than a part of a person.  Crabby Dick’s Ice Cream Parlor  is a small shop that features Potts ice cream.   I got Espresso Chip – my favorite,  but first I had to try the Root Beer ice cream because I never had it before – tasted pretty close to the real stuff!  The ice cream scoopers were very friendly and even managed to convince us that we needed to get a cookie – and I was glad we did – espresso chip ice cream on a homemade chocolate chip cookie was fantastic!  They even offered to take our picture for us – and chose the best angle to take it at!  Seating was outside, but a short walk away allows one to mosey along the waterway while enjoying their treat.


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