Penn State Berkey Creamery

IMG_1268.JPGApril 21, 2017

Penn State Creamery, State College, Pennsylvania

Open all year

Today is Don’s birthday – me referring to him as an “old man” always results in a reminder that I will always be older – oh well.   Visiting the Creamery at Penn State was interesting.  I spent a summer there many years ago doing research on the enzyme that makes adrenaline (s-adensylmethonine n- methyl transferase if I remember correctly).   I was not able to figure out where on the campus I was today –  it has been too long, but the campus is still huge and still beautiful.

The Penn State Berkey Creamery boasts “three days from cow to cone” – I guess that makes it really fresh.  We passed the cows on the way in, along with silos, barns and the like.  At the Creamery we could see the mini ice cream factory and view the ice cream production- if any was going on.  There was a video playing that showed how the ice cream  was made – quite interesting.   At the creamery shop we ordered our ice cream – I had monkey business (banana ice cream. peanut butter swirl, chocolate chips) and Don celebrated his birthday with peanut butter swirl.  There were plenty of tables to sit at, ant the ice cream was really tasty.  We thanked the cows on the way out.


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