The Ice Cream Station

IMG_1227.JPGApril 1, 2017

The Ice Cream Station, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

If I were an ice cream shop, how would I decorate for April Fool’s Day?  Maybe make a silly special, maybe just screw up everybody’s order?  I do not know – anyone have any ideas? I actually was not thinking of April Fools’s Day when we set out this morning for Norvin Green State Park for some hiking, followed by ice cream (always a necessity after hiking!) .  Pompton Lakes, which has a scenic downtown which has a bagpipe store – the only music shop that I would find more impressive would be a fife and drum store.

The Ice Cream Station in Pompton Lakes, is a compact shop with hard and soft ice cream, creative ice cream cakes, Italian ice and a full deli – something for everyone. They served Gifford’s hard ice cream and homemade Italian ice.   I went with a “Mr. Cloud” – squishie blue raspberry Italian ice with a generous helping of soft vanilla ice cream.  This was both a thirst quencher and an ice cream treat in one cup.  Seating was in booths inside.  It looked like there would be plenty of nice outdoor seating when the weather got warmer.  Fun stop for a sunny afternoon!


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