Flint’s Twistee Treat

February 24, 2017

Flint’s Twistee Treat,  Orlando, Florida

Open all year

The great thing about Florida is that ice cream is always in season!  And we needed to chill after our flight from Newark (which was a smooth ride, on  time, with no turbulence or problems).  As we drove along the Florida Turnpike, we could not help but to reflect on the sound barriers bordering the highway –   The Florida sound barriers are etched with palm trees and birds, a refreshing change from the sperm-etched sound barriers along  New Jersey highways.  I guess that says something about each state, but I am not sure what.

Flint’s Twistee Treat in Orlando Florida is a classic ice cream stand  with a roof that looks like a giant ice cream cone.     They serve “six flavors” of soft ice cream. To me it was actually three flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – and twist  combinations. The music played through speakers located at the ordering window, so we had to put our head through the window to order.  I felt a little like Droofus the Dragon.   I got a strawberry-vanilla twist and Don got chocolate-vanilla twist.   The serving size was quite generous and the ice cream was quite good with creamy, soft texture.  Seating was outside at tables with benches.


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