Sugar Shack

img_1132February 18, 2017

Sugar Shack, Middletown, New York

open all year

Some towns have beautiful, bustling downtowns, some look more like ghost towns. Middletown, New York is somewhere in the middle, especially in the winter.   We figured that a year-round ice cream shop here was either very good or very new (political correctness is not my forte).  We were quite pleased to find the Sugar Shack was the former – very good.

The Sugar Shack is reminiscent of a classic ice cream parlor with tables and booths, colorfully painted and nicely decorated with a few candy canisters on the counter top and freezer display cases showcasing the ice cream choices.  One wall had art work from a local school that was changed every month.  The picture seen on the wall behind us is a ‘sugar scull’ whatever that means.  The Sugar Shack presently serves soups, salads and sandwiches, and plans to have a full kitchen open next month.  For pre-ice cream appetizers I had soup and Don had chili – both homemade and amazingly good.  Their ice cream was Hershey’s or Perry’s and their were lots of flavors to choose from (even vanilla).  I had a butterscotch sundae with Peppermint Bark Moose Tracks and Brownie Sundae ice cream.  Maybe a weird combination, but I enjoyed it!   There were lots of other toppings to choose from.  We had a nice chat with the owner who was very friendly and passionate about her business.  This place is worth s visit.


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