Cupoccino Cafe

IMG_1064.JPGJanuary 8, 2017

Cupoccino Cafe, Cold Spring, New York

Open all year

Cold Spring, New York is on the Hudson River.  It has a classy downtown with nice shops and plenty of quaint eateries.  We chose a small cafe because it served ice cream – even on bitterly cold days such as this one.  Note:  the patron after us also ordered ice cream – we are not crazy.

Upon entering the Cupoccino Cafe, my attention was immediately caught by the scenic mural on the wall, an obvious depiction of the Hudson River. The server was able to explain the mural to us, and it was quite interesting – ask about it when you visit. My attention then turned to survey the joint – they served sandwiches, baked goods,  fancy coffee stuff (which I am igimg_1065norant about – I have no idea of what the difference is between a latte and a frappe), and ice cream (which I am not so ignorant about).   They served Jane’s Ice Cream which is homemade in Kingston – I had Cappuccino Calypso- which had a delightfully strong coffee flavor and a great texture.  Seating was at comfortable small tables – this is a cafe after all.  Cupoccino Cafe was a  great place to relax with a cup of ice cream before venturing back out into the cold.



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