Benny’s Luncheonette

IMG_1092.JPGJanuary 29, 2017

Benny’s Luncheonette, Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Open all year

For Christmas we received a gift certificate for a 45 minute halo session in Fair lawn, NJ. This was not a place for angel’s to get new head gear, – it was a room with nebulized salt air to sit in while soft music plays and lights on the walls turn different colors.  It is supposed to heal sick lungs.  But we were not sick – Oh well, it was a new experience that I could have checked off if it was on my bucket list – but it was not.  The great thing was that our friends Roger and Wendy, who live in the area, met us for ice cream!

Benny’s Luncheonette was a cute little place, obviously successful because of all the regulars.  It is a traditional style luncheonette with all the charm- booths around the outside and small tables in the center,  waitresses running around, plates piled high with great looking by food – you know the scene.  It was friendly, and the walls were decorated with record album jackets from the Beatles.  We got sandwiches first, and followed it up with ice cream.  To order the ice cream I had to go two doors down in the strip mall to where they had a bakery/ice cream shop with a really fun barista.  At her recommendation I got a hot fudge sundae with Nutella Oreo and Cannoli ice cream.  I sort of stepped out of my comfort zone here – isn’t Nutella for kids?  Am I a kid?  I ordered Espresso Bean ice cream for Don,  Wendy got a Bennasant – a donut cut in half with cream in the middle – a signature item at Benny’s.  The homemade ice cream was great, and Wendy totally enjoyed her Bennasant. It was a great place to visit and great people to visit it with!  I could become a regular it I lived closer!


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