The Loft

January 7, 2017

The Loft, Queensbury NY

Open all year

Going to Lake George for the weekend seemed like a good idea- we were not busy and the skies was supposed to be clear. But IMG_1057.JPGvisiting came with two minor disappointments:  (1) there was not enough snow for snow showing and (2) all the ice cream shops in Lake George Village were closed for the season (since when does ice cream have a ‘season’?)  We therefore settled for (1) hiking and (2) ice cream outside of Lake George Village.

The Loft was a small place with character at the intersection of two major roads (major in Adirondack terms).  It is popular for burgers and ice cream, with a full grill menu and both hard and soft ice cream. I went with a butterscotch sundae with soft vanilla ice cream and  Don had a peanut-butter caramel sundae – we both were happy with our selections.  The patrons before us got burgers – they appeared to be regulars.  The patron after us ordered 4 hot fudge sundaes – I guess ice cream is hard to find in this area at this time of year!  The owner served us – he was quite friendly and we had a really nice chat with him.


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