Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale

IMG_0963.JPGDecember 10, 2016

Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale, Westbrook, Connecticut

Open all year

Originally I planned to make my 100th ice cream place a highly acclaimed ice cream parlor, maybe even take a Facebook poll for recommendations.  But it came down to timing and being with the right people.  Every year The Colonial Musketeers Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps ventures to Old Saybrook for their annual Christmas Parade.  It has become a tradition that we stop at Lenny and Joe’s for a fun lunch – our Christmas present to ourselves.  In their menu they advertised their great ice cream (which more than one member pointed out to me)   This was my chance to get 16 fantastic comrades  into my blog – amazing musicians (myself excepted), fun people, great friends.  I am glad I write the rules for this blog!  Carl said if he were to do 100 of anything, it would be coffee shops.  Don suggested I recover from all my ice cream and rate 100 fruit stands – but I will just continue on with ice cream shops – nothing can match ice cream!

Lenny and Joe’s is a really a seafood restaurant – we all enjoyed fish and chips, shrimp and scallop casseroles, clams etc. – except Jack who had hot dogs (Jack is one of the oldest in our group, so I will excuse him).  But even more importantly they have Buck’s Ice Cream for dessert – which is marketed almost exclusively in Connecticut.  I got their feature flavor – peppermint candy.  While most people would be too full for ice cream after a fantastic meal, I always have room for ice cream – I think I have a hollow leg.  Anyway, this ice cream was creamy and pepperminty.  Dianne ordered peppermint candy and Karen ordered chocolate so they could mix them together and get chocolate peppermint ice cream- they always were resourceful people.  The ice cream was a great ending for a great meal with a great group of friends – what more could I want out of life?



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