van Leeuven

IMG_0951.JPGDecember 3, 2016

van Leeuven Ice Cream, Manhattan, New York

open all year

I love “going into the city” any time – but it is especially fun (and crowded) around Christmas.  Today we went to see the tourist sites – St. Patrick’s Cathedral (where I lit a candle for my mother), Rockafeller Center (I love the tree and angel displays), Macy’s (great Christmas window displays, and old wooden escalators),  a branch of the NYC Public Library that used to be a women’s prison (I need to go back to get the official tour) and an  ice cream shop I had never been to before (the real reason I went to NYC).

Oxymoron of the day – vegan ice cream – this may be farther from real ice cream than gelato (Italians obviously do not understand ice cream).  However if vegan ice cream is what you are looking for,  van Leeuven Ice Cream  in lower Manhattan is a good place to visit.  It  is also a good place to visit for us ice cream purists – those of us who like our ice cream with real cream, real sugar and all the fat and calories.  The ice cream here was very flavorful and with a great texture.    I had Honeycomb and Mint Chip  – both homemade, with a delightful favor and texture.   Seating was available in the shop at four small tables by the window, all of which were initially occupied (this is indeed NYC), but cleared quickly – it was sort of cold to eat outside.  It was a “great day in the neighborhood”.  I just need to figure out how to get some of this vegan ice cream home for my vegan son-in-law to try.


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