MT Tom’s Ice Cream

November 12, 2016

Mt Tom’s Ice Cream, Easthampton, Mass

open all yearIMG_0890.JPG

Mount Tom Reservation in Holyoke Massachusetts  is an amazing place – dinosaur footprints (from which they concluded that dinosaurs were not solitary creatures.  How I do not know) and an abandoned, defunct amusement park – the rides long gone, but the buildings and lay of the land still there. Really cool!  We had to follow up an amazing day with amazing ice cream!

Mt Tom’s Ice Cream is an  old fashioned  ice cream parlor with bar stools,  “penny ” candy jars, a great selection of beverages, friendly service and most importantly a great variety of homemade ice cream.  I had Teaberry and Amaretto Chip both of which were creamy with a fantastic flavor, especially the Teaberry -a flavor I have not had before. If you want toppings for you ice cream, the choices are nearly endless and include 170 different types of candy.  We totally enjoyed our visit!


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