Stewart’s Shops, Kingston, New York

November 19, 2016

Stewart’s Shops , Kingston, New York

open all year

The Riverport Wooden School at the Hudson River Maritime Museum offers weekend classes in various wood working projects.  We went to toboggan making class.  The class consisted of six men knowledgeable in wood working and me, but I learned and experienced various techniques and had fun.  Starving from all our hard work, the evening had to include ice cream.IMG_0909.JPG

Upstate New Yorker’s  love Stewart’s Shops – Kingston has three of them.  They are great convenience stores – you can get milk, groceries and fixes for all of your vices at the same time – beer , night crawlers and cigarettes, and ice cream –  their specialty is ice cream!  Walking in the first thing I saw was the ice cream counter – this was my kind of place!  There were many options available including lots of flavors and make-your-own-sundae with plenty of great looking toppings.  I opted for two of their seasonal specials – Peanut Butter Pandemonium and Philly’s Apple Pie. ( Do Philly’s have different apple pies than the rest of the world?)  Seating was in informal booths –  I got to share my bench with bundles of newspapers, (I could not tell if they were today’s left overs or tomorrow’s previews).   The help was friendly and Stewart’s great selection of  ice cream was also available in half gallon containers (or 3/8 gallon or whatever half gallons were replaced with – approaching single serve for me).  I am glad and relieved to know that just about anywhere I go in upstate New York, Stewart’s has a local source for my vice – ice cream!



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