Hopkins Farm Creamery

October 23, 2o16

Hopkins Farm Creamery, Lewes, Delawareimage


Although we did not have time to explore the area today, Lewes Delaware has numerous parks and beaches that are supposed to be beautiful – I hope to get back soon to explore these areas.  The part of Lewes that we did get to see were the back roads- lots and lots of  back roads – the beautiful countryside with numerous scenic dairy farms – one of which had a creamery – something we had to try!

Hopkins Farm Creamery is a great place – it is a dairy farm where they milk the cows then make the ice cream –  I did not watch them milk the cows, but I did watch milk cows and the baby cows muddle around while I ate the ice cream they helped make.  I had what was recommended to me by the worker – black raspberry and butter pecan.  I think this was the best ice cream I have ever had.  It was very creamery, and the flavor and texture were perfect.  In addition,  the serving size was generous and the prices were reasonable.   I highly recommend you visit this place!


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