Stewart’s Restaurant, Dover, NJ

IMG_0802.JPGOctober 15, 2016

Stewart’s Restaurant, Dover,  NJ


After a fun afternoon with a kayaking on Lake Hopatcong, it was time for a treat.

Stewart’s Restaurant in Dover, NJ has a bit of a tiki-hut atmosphere.  The service area is in the center with table seating around it, but instead of dead grass for a roof, they have attractive orange canopies.  It was a relaxing place to sit on a beautiful evening.  If you are feeling lazy, you have the option of sitting in your car, turning your headlights on and service comes to you.  The menus are interesting – you can shop for a dentist or tattoo artist while you select your food.  The place mats are also interesting – you can find a NJ historic site, race track or park while you wait.  While the menu has appetizers, sandwiches and grill items, I was only interested in the last two pages – the creamery section.  I had a pineapple sundae made with homemade pumpkin ice cream.  The ice cream was excellent – better than most other pumpkin ice creams that I have tried – not over spiced – just good.


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