Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive In

someplace in northern Virginia

open all year

Driving through Virginia to visit the Wilson family and celebrate special birthdays, we stopped along the way for ice cream.

We entered the Sonic Drive-In parking lot, parked and tried to go inside to order -mistake number img_0809one -it is a drive in, not a walk in.  We moved our car to an appropriate  space and waited service mistake number 2 – no service came.   We decided we had to do something – but what?  must be on the big menu board by the car. Can’t be those bottoms, they are for credit cards – ah must be the red button with the ad about corn dogs hanging from it –  success –  someone talked through the  speaker to ask if they could take our order.  Renee ordered a waffle cone sundae.  I had questions about the menu – mistake number 3 –  Was a Flavor Blast ice cream or a milkshake?  “It is a Blast” (ask a stupid question…). ‘Do I drink it with a straw or eat it with a spoon?’ “We serve it with a spoon”.   So I ordered a Peanut Butter Blast with vanilla ice cream.  It got delivered by a guy on roller skates right to our car (I wonder what their job training looks like).  I am still not sure if a Blast is ice cream or a milkshake, but I enjoyed it just the same.   Next I go to a Sonic Drive-In I will know just what to do.   Now let me tell you about our experience filling our car with gas in New York…


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