Golden Corral

October 5, 2016

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill, The Villages, Florida

open year round

Today was a sad day – we said our final good-bye to my mother, Margaret Phelan Stack.  She was a beautiful person.  Growing up, she always had time to enjoy her gaggle of children.  When we had our own children, she always enjoyed them as well.  I credit (or blame) both her and my father for my ice cream habit.  We found it fitting that this is my 87 ice cream shop, celebrating her 87 years of life.

Golden Corral is my father’s favorite place to eat – and upon entering the place it is immediately evident.  The restaurant has a variety unsurpassed anyplace I have ever been, and everything is attractively displayed, and really good!  But of course, I am interested in the ice cream offerings!

The first step to getting ice cream at Golden Corral is to get a soup bowl (the ice cream bowls are too small) – something my parents taught me long, long ago.  Second step is to choose either soft or hand dipped hard ice cream.  I went with the soft ice cream, Kevin went for the hard ice cream, and Andrew being chronically indecisive decided to have the double fisted approach. Do not let the picture fool you, my father all ready ate three quarters of his cone before the picture – I guess years of practice taught him how to fit lots into a cone! Step three is to select your “to put on its:  (term credited to  Brenda Stack).  The toppings here are endless – cookies, pies, gummy things, hot fudge, strawberry, peanuts – we all had a lot of fun here.

Although Golden Corral is a buffet, the help was incredible.  glasses were filled and plates were removed with unbelievable efficiency by very friendly servers.  This place is really worth a visit!



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