Hayek’s Market


September 26, 2016

Hayek’s Market, Newton, New Jersey


The first thing that I noticed about Hayek’s Market in Newton, New Jersey was the beautiful landscaping.  Looking at a petuna patch, we found creature with a long snout- looking thing drinking nector.  I am unsure if it is a large insect or a tiny  bird, but I attached a picture in case any nature experts can identify it. The creature actually let us pet it, and   it was soft. We were here today to celebrate  my friend Lisa’s birthday – I hope she likes ice cream like I do!

Hayek’s Market is known for its fresh food including lots of porduce,  homemade dinners and plenty of specialty foods. Outside there is an ice cream window which sells Cliff’s ice cream as well as some other brands.  They were having machine problems so the soft s’mores and pumpkin ice cream was not available – two flavors I would love to try!  so I settled  (not unfappily) for two hard ice cream flavors: Bavarian Cream Raspberry Truffle and Cannoli – both of which were tasty and creamy. Brian got Smurf which was blue with marshmallows, but he could not figure out what flavor the blue actually was – what are Smurf’s really made of anyway?.  Seating was at nice tables outside, again with senic landscaping.  The baristas were friendly and efficient.  It was a fun outing – now onto trying to identify the wildlife…


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