Stella’s Scoops

September 18, 2016

Stella’s Scoops, Saugerties, New Youk


Saugerties NY is a charming town – it is situated on the Hudson River with lots of parks to explore.  It is a town that hosts many talented artists, some of which we got to meet at the galloping gala auction.   We visited three parks ( Falling imageWaters Preserve, Saugerties Lighthouse and Opus 40).  Thenwe were then hungry!

We stopped at Stella’s  Station for lunch and then walked next door to Stella’s Scoops for desert.   I think the Stellas might be related.  The shop had both Hershey’s ice cream and Jane’s ice cream which is made near by in Kingston.  I got a chocolate sundae with Jane’s Peanut Butter ice cream and it was yummy!  Since it is almost the end of their season, they had a limited  selection).  It was a friendly, nicely decorated shop  with plenty of tables outside and benches inside –  but we preferred to walk around the rown window shopping at all the interesting shops.


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