Boice Brothers Milk House

image.jpegBoice Brothers Milk House

September 17, 2016

Kingston NY is a nice town to visit .  It is on the Tondout Creek –  of the few deep water ports on the Hudson River.  We had the privilege of usong that port to visit two light houses on the river:  The Rondout LIghthouse and the Esopus Lighthouse.  We followed up exploring Kingston more (and looking for ice cream).

Boice Brothers Milk House features ice cream cakes, hard and soft ice cream and milk shakes.  They make all the ice cream next door using milk from a local farm ( Boice Btothers Farm?).   They sell their ice cream in 2 1/2 gallon  tubs for $28.00.  But tonight we were not that hungry – fortunately they also sold it by the.cone.  I had Maple Walnut and Pistachio Cardimon.  The pistasio flavor actually went quite well with cardamon , much to my surprise,   Seating was outside at tables painted like cows (that needed and a coat of paint).   The kids could sit on the cute little cow and pig statues.  The workers here were nice and patient, even when Don could not make up his mind about what he should order.


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