Marc’s Cheesecake

image.jpegSeptember 11, 2016

Marc’s Cheesecake, Glen Rock, New Jersey

Open year round

Glen Rock is a beautiful town – it has a great downtown, a few statues and a big rock in the middle of an intersection (Glen Rock?).  It even features two train stations! It apparently has residents with a sweet tooth because it has multiple bakeries and places to get ice cream (my kind of town).

Marc’s Cheesecake in Glen Rock, New Jersey has homemade soups, ice cream, Italian ices and probably cheesecakes.  The barista was a delightful man who was happy to let us try any flavors we wanted and even told us where they came from.  The bright red Beetle Juice was made with beets, Hot Blondie was made with blondie brownies and chipotle peppers, and Burnt Sugar made at a customer request, tastes sort of how I would have expected it to taste.    I tried all three, but decided to play it a little safer and ordered Mint Cookie Crunch (made with mint oreos) and Honey Rosemarie – both of which were very good.  There were small tables to sit at both inside and outside.  We sat outside so that we could watch the trains come and go ( I never outgrow my thrill of trains).  This place is worth a visit!


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