The Scoop Coop


September 4, 2016

The Scoop Coop, East Hanover, New Jersey


On-line,  Troy Meadows in Morris County, New Jersey sounds  wasteland that contains a huge swamp with a 2 mile boardwalk. Today we unsuccessfully attempted to find that boardwalk.   The Patriot’s Path (a 35 mile trail that traverses much of Morris County)   is eventually supposed  to  meet up with said baordwalk.  Hiking the path today led us to the”Temporaty end” in Troy Meadows – maybe this will be extended and some day we will find the boardwalk.  In the mean time, we settled for ice cream.

When I think of a coop, I think of a chicken coop – a little house chickens go to at night.  I figure the Scoop Coop in East Hanover, New Jersey must be a little house that scoops of ice cream  go to at night – maybe I could rent a room.  This is a little ice cream window with brightly painted shutters and benches.  They offer Italian ice, drinks and ice cream (would I be here if there was no ice cream?).  I had coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce, which was good.   Seating was available outside at a picnic table with an unbrella or on the colorful benches.  The service was friendly.


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