Mr. Cone

image.jpegSeptember 4, 2016

Mr Cone, Monroe, New York


The  Orange Heritage Trail presently  goes from Monroe, NY to Goshen, NY as a paved trail and then a couple  more miles unpaved.  We biked  the length of it – and really enjoyed it.  We were informed that it will soon be extended to Middletown!  A great bike ride begs to be followed by a great ice cream.

Mr. Cone in Monroe, New York was rrecommended to me by a blog reader , Laura, who also grew up in Monroe and had fond memories of the ice cream there.  Much to my surprise I had no problems finding it from the airplane play ground where we got on the Orange Heritage Trail  (when I was small child, I loved that airplane park.  We could climb up and sit in the piolets seat and move the controls, pretending to fly the airplane – if that did not make the metal fatigue, I do not know what would.  We would also crawl through the belly of the plane, and I nearly got stuck in there a few times!- it was always fun!)   Anyway back to Mr. Cone –  this  ice cream stand that has  everyting an ice cream aficionado could want – numerous homemade flavors of ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes – you get the picture.  – I sor of whimped out and  got soft vanilla in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles –  that is what the person in front of me got, and it looked really, really  good -I was not disappointed!.  There were several picnic tables in the back of the shop to sit and enjoy your ice cream.  It was a fun visit – I will have to go again to try some of the other flavors!


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