Willy’s Weiners

September 3, 2016

Willy’s Weiners, Port Murray, New Jersey


Whe I first moved to New Jersey, I wondered how land-locked places like Port Murray got their names.  I then learned about the fascinating canal history in the area, which exlained everything.

When I got to Willy’s Weiners in Port Murray, New Jersey there was no one at the counter – so I had plenty of time to look around.  The counter was made of stone and was pleasing to look at.  The menu consisted of hotdogs and ice cream.  Hotdogs could be ordered with lots of different toppings.  So could ice cream and there was  an attractive  restaurant-style seating area   The friendly barista eventually came in with some nice friends –  one of her friends kindly took my picture.  They served Jefferson Dairy ice cream (the forth place I visited to do so) – I had Pink Hippo and Monkey Butt – maybe I was a little too adventerous this time.


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