Cold Stone Creamery, Morristown

image.jpegSeptember 3, 2016

Cold Stone Creamery, Morristown, New Jersey

Open all year

Morriistown is a great city.  It has lots of historic statues and sculptures, restaurants and stores – and got even better since they opened the Game Vault – I love the old pin ball games, and this place has plenty of them – I could easily get addicted!  I needed to follow it up with ice cream (another of my addictions).

We ended up at the Cold Stone Creamery in Morristown, New Jersey.  This was a bit of a strange place – it combined a Blimpie Sandwich shop  with a Cold Stone Creamery (laying this out to get everything in a little space must have taken an expert arcitect).   It would have been perfect if I was really hungry (I love Blimpie sandwiches and I love Cold Stone Ice Cream).  But I just wanted ice cream so it still fir the bill.  The barista  was an expert in both sandwich making and ice cream concuction preparation – and he was also friendly and funny.  He said he won an award from the Cold Stone headquarters for being friendly – I did not read his certificate, I just took his word for it.  He even discussed with us the combinations of ice cream and toppings he has seen ordered.  My sugar cookie ice cream with cherry pie filling, graham crackers and whipped cream he did not rate as strange, much to Renee’s chagrin.  The shop offers plenty of indoor seating, and some outdoor seating if you wnat to people watch (like we like to do).  Oh – and the ice cream was fantastic (like all Cold Stone ice cream)


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