Avalon Freeze

August 16, 2016

Avalon Freeze, Avalon, New Jersey


Another hot day, another nice bike tide to a new ice cream place.

Okay, let me be honest here, my opinion of Avalon Freeze in Avalon, New Jersey is very clouded because when we paid for our ice cream, we requested cups of tap water to refill our water bottles.  We got a stupid story about how they do not give out tap water because it is not drinkable because it is not filtered.  (Are they washing their hands in toxic tap water??).  My daughter who is s civil engineer had assured me that unfiltered tap water is still safe to drink – She checked the most recent reports of Muddlesex Water Company – and Avslon’s water was within legal limits on everything – amazing!  Do you think it is possible that they refused to give us tap water so that could sell us overpriced bottled water???

Abalon Freeze image.jpegis an ice cream stand that has soft ice cream, sundaes and sly shies.  I got vanilla ice cream with chocolate shell.  It was melting so fast that I was disappointed to find the napkin dispenser was empty.  This place is NOT worth a visit.


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